124 Olympic scams you need to know about

With the biggest sporting event in the world comes a big opportunity for scammers.

London2012.com, the official site of the London Olympic Games, has compiled a list of 124 scams you need to know about.

Most of them involved either emails or letters saying you've won tickets to the games or air fare to London.

They typically encourage the recipient to reveal information such as bank details or to part with money as an up-front payment in order to release a prize.

Many include links to webpages, which offer an easy way to tell that it's a scam. Any page asking for personal bank details should be secure, meaning a padlock symbol would appear in the browser window and the website address will begin with ‘https.//'.

"If you don't see a padlock, or if the site name is not what you are expecting, then you should not enter personal or financial information into the page," London2012.com warns.

To download a complete list of known Olympic scams, click this pdf link: http://l2012.cm/PDPFVc

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