Erik Kynard's favorite Olympic moment isn't what you might expect

LONDON - With the Olympics now over, Team USA athletes are looking back at their favorite moments from the London Games.

For many, it was their own competition, or seeing a teammate take home a medal.

But for Kansas State high jumper Erik Kynard, who took home his own silver medal, it was something a little different.

"My favorite moment was losing my passport and then finding it again," Kynard said in a video posted on

On Friday, Aug. 10, Kynard tweeted it was the "happiest day of my life I lost my passport for about 24 hours and found it."

In the NBCOlympics video, he said finding it was among his top 5 best moments of all time.

"To lose your passport overseas and then find it, that's like your first Christmas that you can remember. So, definitely my favorite moment."

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