Sporting KC, Brookside Soccer League debate increased soccer fees for children's leagues

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of children gearing up for the fall soccer season may not be able to play where their families originally thought.

Sporting KC is putting the finishing touches on the state-of-the-art youth soccer fields in the new Swope Soccer Village. The new fields are scheduled to be finished in September, just in time for the fall soccer season.

But there is a financial feud between the Brookside Soccer League, KCMO City Hall and Sporting KC that has put the use of the new taxpayer-funded fields in jeopardy.
Earlier this year, Brookside Soccer League told parents they would have to pay $12 extra to play on the new fields, according to multiple sources. Now, participants in the league may have to pay an additional $8 as part of their league fee, according to a source, after already paying the original fee for this season. The three parties are at an impasse and no deal has been brokered.

Soccer mom Brittany Hassenflu said she is frustrated.

"I wouldn't be surprised if people pull their kids. It's $12, but it's the fact that they're not being informed properly that's going to make people upset," Hassenflu said. "It's not necessarily the money but the complete and continued disappointment and the failure to promise what is being advertised to them."

Representatives of each organization refused to comment on the record for this story, but a city official said all the groups involved were planning to meet this week to try to agree on a deal.

The Swope Soccer Village will include  concession stands, all-weather playing fields and lights.

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