Sporting KC, Gov. Sam Brownback announce Kansas City as new home of U.S. Soccer training facility

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A multi-effort development project will bring the U.S. National Soccer team practice facilities and training center to KCK.

Gov. Sam Brownback joined KCK Mayor Mark Holland, the CEO of Sporting KC and the Schiltterbahn owner and developer Wednesday afternoon to announce plans for the $75 million soccer complex.

The complex will be built by 2016 and include an indoor soccer field and 16 outdoor fields, eight of which will be used to train youth.

A 125-room hotel will also be built along Parallel Pkwy and 98th St. 

They expect the project to generate more than $ 1billion in revenue.

"Young people now have something for which to aspire," Mayor Holland said.

The project will be fully funded by a STAR bond, which comes from sales tax revenue. Gov. Brownback says taxes will not go up.

This will be the first major soccer complex for kids in KCK.

"They have the tournament fields where they can play and they can look across and see the national training center and say, ‘I want to represent this community, I want to represent this country in winning the World Cup,’” Holland said.

David Brain of EPR Properties, the developer for Schiltterbahn, says they have plans for additional developments to be completed with the soccer complex.

The West Village project, which includes Sporting Park, was also funded by STAR bonds. 

The bonds are expected to be fully paid off by 2017, four years ahead of schedule. 

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