Team USA fans still celebrated at Power and Light District even though USA lost to Germany 0-1

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Team USA fans who watched the game on Thursday at the Power and Light District experienced a range of emotions.   

When Germany scored the first and only goal of the game fans were hanging their heads and sighing in total disappointment. But they quickly raised their heads and their American  flags and started cheering for Team USA.

They were hoping for a comeback victory, but it did not happen. Team USA lost to Germany 0 to 1. 

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"We lost but we still win because we advance," soccer fan Michael said .

"I am so excited I played soccer my whole life so to come here to power and light and watch this with everyone in Kansas City it was just awesome," Katie said. 

Another soccer fan, Owen, said,"I thought we could have done better defensively but overall team USA did pretty good."

The excited fans are promising to come back on Tuesday to Power and Light to watch Team USA play. The fans are hoping for a win.

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