Chiefs fans love their training camp

Training camp is a big deal for Saint Joe. Not only does it bring in a bunch of money -- but it brings in a ton of people too.

The city expects more than 23,000  out-of-towners to visit St. Joe during training camp and they're expected to spend more than $3 million while they are there.
A survey done last year shows most of the visitors stayed in local hotels, shopped at local stores and ate at local restaurants. Most said -- they would make a trip back to St. Joe in the future.

Chiefs fans from all over the nation go to training camp every year and the biggest draw -- are, of course, the players. went to the fans and asked them: What are your favorite things about training camp?

Here are a few of them:

  •   A chance to see the team play up close and personal.
  •    Also -- getting a chance to meet them and get their autograph.
  •    And getting to meet other die-hard chiefs fans.

Visit Mo said fans are coming from all over-- Texas, Iowa, Illinois -- just for a chance to see the Chiefs train.

When the chiefs Kick off their season this Fall, you'll be able to party with them -- and celebrate a milestone in Kansas City history at the same time.

The Chiefs and Union Station have teamed up.  They're holding a joint celebration to kick off the football season  and celebrate the station's 100th anniversary.

That's happening on red Friday, which is Sept. 5. That night the Chiefs will have their big pep rally outside Union Station.

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