Battle of the seasons

Battle of the seasons…summer is coming!

Kansas City is located in a climate zone that brings all kinds of weather.  The only thing I can think of that doesn't quite happen here is a hurricane, although we do get hurricane force winds from strong thunderstorms, and heavy rain from what used to be a hurricane.  Hurricane Isaac, after hitting the Gulf coast, weakened into a nice area of rain and brought us beneficial rainfall late last summer which eased the drought

The above image is an August 31st picture of Isaac as it came up perfectly to bring us heavy rain to help begin relief from the drought.

We get rain, snow, sleet, hail, thunderstorms, blizzards, wind storms, dust storms, and we also get some very nice weather in Kansas City. 

As winter transitions into spring the seasons seem to have a battle. And these clashes between the coldest air masses and the warmer spring ones can create the conditions for big storm systems.  This past spring took forever to get here, well it seemed that way, as winter would not let go. The final winter battle came in the first week of May and we had a record May snowfall this year.  Now, that spring has settled in, it is summer that is trying to battle with spring. This seasonal battle will eventually be won out by summer.  It will be heating up soon.  Spring usually has enough punch to help bring a late season cold front or two deep into June. And, this battle usually ends up with some big thunderstorms developing.

The weather pattern is cycling, and we believe the same weather pattern that set up last fall is still cycling through as summer approaches. We call it the LRC (Lezak's Recurring Cycle).  So, we have had a history of the cold weather lasting deeper into spring, and even though it will be warming up in June and July, the battle between spring and summer should last long enough to bring us a wet June weather pattern. 

What will happen this summer? Tune into 41 Action News at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 20th for the summer forecast or check back here on

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