Farmers across Midwest struggle during drought

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Wednesday marks day 57 of the drought sweeping the Midwest and day 12 of the excessive heat wave.

So far, there's been one heat-related death in the Kansas City area, and nine more suspected.

Farmers have been feeling the heat these past few summer months. Crops and cattle have been devastated across Kansas and Missouri, and experts predict there will be up to a 35 percent decrease in total corn crop production this year.

Fellow Scripps stations across the Midwest are reporting how their areas have been affected by the drought.

In Indianapolis, the tops of berries are literally blistering unable to stand the heat from the sun. If the heat wave continues, it will begin to affect the size, look and taste of local produce. In Checotah, Okla., water pipe lines have burst from the heat.

Watch the drought's effects throughout the Midwest in the video player above.

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