Take a look back at spring 2013

January 2013 was relatively snow free and then suddenly winter ignited into a snow lover's dream as spring approached us in February. A year earlier we had a record low snowfall total of 3.9" of snow.  We were heading into another low snow season until the weather pattern got energized.

Major snowstorms developed on February 20th and February 25th. It was the snowiest two storm combination in Kansas City's recorded history, and the second snowiest week in our history.

In the above graphic are the totals from just the second storm on February 25th and 26th:

The wild weather went to the warm side, and just in time for the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City.  We had a high of 83 degrees on March 15th, the Friday night of the Big 12 tournament. But, this was not the beginning of spring as just eight days later we had a late season winter storm system on March 23rd and 24th.

Snowfall totals From March 23rd-24th storm:
• Louisburg, KS:  9.0″
• Greenwood, MO:  8.3″
• Overland Park, KS:  8.2″
• KSHB-TV:  8.0″
• Prairie Village, KS:   7.5″
• McLouth, KS:  7.0″
• Lawrence, KS:  6.2″
• Leavenworth, KS:  5.5″

After the late March snowstorm you would have expected spring to surge in and take over, but winter would just not die. April was one of the coldest April's in Kansas City's history, and then in May we had a record snowfall on May 2nd (1/2" at KCI).  Up to 6 inches of snow fell in the viewing area, and KCI Airport officially had three days of snow on May 2, 3, and 4th. 

The cold weather has contributed to a quiet severe weather season so far, but with temperatures warming up we are forecasting a few severe weather days before summer settles in.

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