Harveyville continues to rebuild, faces new threat of severe weather

HARVEYVILLE, Kan. - Six weeks after a deadly tornado hit Harveyville, Kan., the town of 250 faces another threat of severe weather.

Earl Copp, 77, lost his 100-year-old home in the Feb. 28 tornado and says the past 45 days have been agonizing.

"Everything we do, it just seems like there's no end to it," Copp said.  "It was a split second.. It was done, and it's going to take us weeks and months to get even halfway back to normal."

His next door neighbor Bruce Bowers still has his home, but nearly all of his neighbors were forced to move.

"The neighbors right here that I see all the time, gone," Bowers said.  "I don't think we'll ever get back to normal, but you do the best you can."

A pile of debris sits right off Main Street in the middle of the town. It's a collection of toys, beds, walls and roofs that stands taller than mosts of the nearby homes.

The homes and lawns are now vacant lots, separated by poster boards with spray-painted address numbers.

As the town struggles to itself back together, forecasters predict a new wave of "life-threatening" storms to move through the area.

"We just pray and hope that nothing does happened to anybody," Copp said.  "We don't need it."

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