Visitors to KC Home and Garden Show seek refuge from the cold

Bartle Hall comes alive with blooming flowers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's deja vu all over again.  At the beginning of March visitors to a home and garden show in Overland Park told 41 Action News they were tired of winter and ready for a change.

Three weeks later visitors to the Home and Garden show at KC's Bartle Hall said the exact same thing.  "It's been a frustrating month," said Sue Peckham of Leavenworh, "One day I'm up---and 'Hot Dog, the sun's out.'  The next day I'm like 'where did the sun go?' "

March has brought the KC region a continuation of cold and snowy weather.  The Home Show promises to give the winter-weary a sample of spring for three days.  Plants, flowers, and fountains are among the things filling Bartle Hall from Friday until Sunday evening.

For those who can't wait to do some gardening, Will Wiering, owner of Dutch Touch, Inc., says there are many plants that people can start growing inside.  When it warms up they can transfer them outside.  Elephant Ears and Voodoo Lilies are two examples.

Wiering said just about everyone coming to his booth at the show is tired of winter.  "They're all mad at the little varmint up there in Pennsylvania," he said, referring to Punxatawny Phil.  Gardeners can only hope Mother Nature can counteract the groundhog.






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