41 Action News Weather Bloggers make their spring 2012 predictions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Our spring forecast will be coming out Monday night at 10 p.m. on 41 Action News. 

We reached out to our most faithful weather fans, the Action Weather Bloggers and asked them for their thoughts on the spring forecast. 

Take a look at some of the bloggers' thoughts and forecasts: (and take our poll to the right to tell us what kinf of spring YOU think we'll have!)

From Frigate:

"Based on this year's LRC, I would tend to think precip and temps would be above normal. So I'll say 18.50 inches and temps will be 3 degree's above normal. For me the next question would be what about our severe weather potential this year? Anxious to see your prediction next week."

So, Frigate is using the LRC well. 

Here is another one from maz167:

"I think that the rain forecast will be above average as will the temperatures."

Sedinkc has a good idea of what may happen this spring:

"Above normal rainfall. Warmer than avg seasonal temps, but they will be closer to average than this met winter's avg temps. This winter has seen a plethora of atmospheric disturbances move across the central US. We have had above average rainfall even though a number of systems didn't get their acts together until they got east of KC. Given a significantly warmer than average Gulf of Mexico at the present time, there should be greater than average amounts of surface moisture streaming north from the Gulf of Mexico this spring, which combined with the abundant storm systems should create above average rainfall and a greater than average number of chances for severe weather outbreaks in the central US. East of here in the Miss and Ohio Valley regions there could be flooding due to excessive rainfall."

Calikufan agrees with Sedsinkc: 

"I also agree with seds. We have been in the 'warm sector' for almost every storm. I expect this to continue. I say above average rainfall since that has been the theme of the last 3 months. Also we have had 3-4 thunderstorms already, so if that continues I expect above average rainfall.

"Temps: La Nina is expected to moderate to a weaker than weak la Nina or possibly go neautral so I'm saying near to slightly above average temps.

"Severe Weather: I'm extrememly concerned about this severe weather season. Not necessarily in KC, but where ever the 'zone' sets up. The gulf is running 3-7 degrees above average right now and the temps have been warm. Those are what we have been missing in the warm, moist air has been shunted to the south. Not this year. Also there is so much more that goes into Severe weather. However, it won't surprise me to see the same number of severe set-ups the US saw last year, this season."

Jerry, a long time 41 Action News blogger, adds his thoughts:

"My Spring Forecast: Temperatures will be generally mild in March but by April, we'll see some pretty warm spells, with temps nudging into the 70s more frequently. We'll still have a handful of cold snaps in April too though, so that will keep us from being far above average. May and June will be warmer still.

As for precipitation, I'm thinking that the bulk of our rain will come from a few pretty heavy convective events, with at least a couple significant severe weather outbreaks in May and at least one in the first half of June or so. Those thunderstorm events will constitute the majority of the recorded precipitation for the period. By the end of June, we'll be starting to dry out with less severe weather likely."

There are many other forecasts from the bloggers. I just picked a few at random.  Go to this link to read more:


Thank you for participating bloggers and we welcome everyone to spend a few minutes each day reading the Action Weather Blog as we share this exciting weather experience.  I usually have the blog written every morning by 8 a.m.

Gary Lezak

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