Dozens of drivers get stuck for hours on I-70 ramps to I-435 in Kansas City snow storm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dozens of drivers found themselves stuck on ramps from Interstate 70 onto I-435 for 10 hours after Thursday's snow storm.

Road crews were able to keep I-70 open even though it was slow going for drivers, but it didn't compare for those stuck on the ramps.

Dave Reding was happy he packed a little extra food for his lunch.

"All of a sudden (I) hit this spot, she turned sideways and couldn't go no further," Reding said.

He had his daughter and son-in-law bring him more gas.

"Right now, I'm just trying to keep enough fuel in this thing to stay warm," he said.

The worst part for Reding is his van isn't technically stuck. It's the car in front of him that's keeping him from going home.

"I've moved it forward and backward, but I can't get around her," he explained.

His neighbor a couple cars down was Randy Russell, who was happy he filled his gas tank before getting stuck.

"Went to Lawrence this morning, and the snow was too bad so we decided to come back, and I was heading home when all this happened," Russell said.

After several hours, it kept getting worse for the drivers as they watched a couple tow trucks -- and even the MoDOT crew who was coming to get them out -- get stuck in the snow themselves.

The ramp was completely back open by 10 p.m Thursday. 

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