Drivers deal with icy roads and plenty of close calls

Freezing temperatures catch drivers off guard

KANSAS CITY - Commuters in Kansas and Missouri woke up to sleek and icy roads after a 20 degree drop in weather. Drivers managed through lips, turns and plenty of scares.

"I had several close calls," Andrew Myers said. 

"I was coming down the street and a couple times I tried to apply my breaks and my car got to sliding," Keith Brown said.
Brown considers himself an experienced driver, but waking up to snow ridden roads always proves a challenge.

"I don't think anybody could safely drive out of those types of conditions," he said.

Temperatures are predicted to go down to the single digits later in the week.

Along with a new ride, Browns got a new winter weather strategy.

"I just won't drive," he said, "I guess I can lie in the house a couple days."

That's not an option for Andrew Myers.

"I'd rather stay at home, but staying at home doesn't get the bills paid," he said.

He owns a delivery company so driving is his job and that's why he's already got his winter driving skills in full gear.

"I go from the drive position to the neutral position observing all three mirrors and observing what's in front of me and thinking of safety at all times," he said.

Staff any MoDOT and KDOT laid down a bit of salt in roads for preparation and say that will serve as pre-treatment for the weekend snow.

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