Drivers may not be as ready for winter weather as they think

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City drivers will likely be reintroduced to serious snowy driving on Thursday morning. You might think you're prepared, but it's worth another look.

41 Action News put drivers on the spot Wednesday in Waldo to see if they're really ready.

Virginia Frank gladly accepted the challenge.

"A blanket. And I have my snow scraper, and I have sand in my trunk," Frank said.

She even has jumper cables and a rope.

"Very prepared. I was a Girl Scout," Frank joked.

Larry Witt must have skipped the scouts. His only line of defense is a single scraper, which may not be enough.

"I've probably got to bring the broom out of the house," Witt said.

Jeep driver Cliff Jefferson was a little more confident.

"I have just about everything I need here to get out of almost any situation," Jefferson said.

But Jefferson found a surprise when he looked through his trunk.

"My wife must have been here," Jefferson said, looking for missing items.

Usually he stores a tow rope, a shovel pick and even a two-ton come along.

"It'll be back in there when I get home. I know exactly where it is now," Jefferson said.

How are you preparing for the storm? Leave your comment below.

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