Free soil testing for Johnson County residents

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - Lawn and garden season is here. As soon as the snow clears, people will be working on their lawns and planting flowers. The Johnson County Extension Office is offering Johnson County residents a helping hand.

Quality soil conditions will lead to healthy lawns and gardens, so the Johnson County Extension Office is offering free soil testing for its residents.

The free testing is paid for with a grant from the Johnson County Storm Water Department.

"Once we test the soil, we tell homeowners what nutrients their soil needs. So the homeowner doesn't add a bunch of chemicals the soil doesn't need, which could eventually runoff and contaminate the groundwater," said Laura Dickinson, Master Gardner at Johnson County Extension.

Johnson County residents can put a soil sample in a small bag and take it to the extension office at 11811 S. Sunset. Each homeowner will receive one free soil test. Additional samples will cost $12.

The free soil testing will be offered through Dec. 2013.

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