How to preserve your evergreens & foundation this winter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The drought had us paying close attention to our yards this summer, but homeowners still need to be mindful going into the cold of winter.

If residents don't make sure to keep watering, their evergreens could be dead by spring.

"The evergreens during the winter months continue to lose water," explained Dennis Patton, a horticulture agent with the Johnson County Extension Office. "The freezing and thawing, the winds we have, also dries out the soil."

When it comes to the trees that are supposed to be green all year, he said to remember this saying: "If it's brown, you might as well cut it down."

Patton recommends watering anytime the soil isn't frozen and the temperature is above freezing. He said it's best to water trees toward the edge where the roots are rather than close to the trunk.

"When it comes to watering I think we should always remember... slow and thorough is better than fast and runoff," he said.

Once you soak the soil, you don't have to water for another three to four weeks.

Your home's foundation should be watered as frequently as your evergreens, from about one to three feet away from the base.

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