Johnson County residents use record amount of water

LENEXA, KS - Officials at Water District No.1 of Johnson County say county residents used 156.4 million gallons of water Sunday. That is a record for the county. The high peak in usage only happens once or twice per decade.

Officials say during this time of year residents consume about 80 million gallons per day. Higher water consumption is due to the drought-like conditions. Residents are using water to keep their grass green and their foundations intact.

There is no water restriction in place at this time in Johnson County. Supply is meeting demand right now.

Mandy Cawby, Communication Manager at Water One, says residents should switch up the days they water their lawns.

"Most residential customers like watering their lawn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I think it's just a common sense habit of the work week. But, that also means that we see a peak demand during those times. Everyone wants to use water at the same time. So, if you want to use water during the off peak times, such as Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend, chances are you will have improved pressure and get more value for the dollar."

Cawby also suggests residents water their lawn early in the morning or in the early evening.

If residents have questions about conserving water, visit

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