Kansas City Power and Light not letting mother nature ruin New Year's Eve party

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Around 6,000 people will ring in the new year in the Power and Light district.

Even though another round of snowy weather is headed to Kansas City, Jim Watry, district manager of Kansas City Live, said the weather will not stop the party.

"We do it all the time. New Year's Eve -- everyone always looks forward to it -- and we do this all year round, so this is not like it's a one-time event, or we're an event center, or some airplane hangar, we're here every weekend, and this is the weekend we get to show off a little bit," Watry said.

To keep party-goers warm, the district has about 60 total space heaters and fire pits.

The canopy is also fixed with radiant heaters that keep the area and the bricks warm, which helps melt away any snow and ice.

Watry said because of heating elements, crews are not out-and-about the day ahead of the storm.

"The crews we have, and the equipment we have, we don't need to brine the sidewalks or anything like the street crews do, so they'll clear the snow, and take care of it," Watry said.

If patrons are not staying within walking distance of the district, there is no need to worry about driving home in the snow.

"We have a very well-trained crew to make sure everyone parties, but also gets home safe.  We also have a lot of cabs," Watry said.

No matter how mother nature decides to say goodbye to 2012, Watry said New Year's Eve in Power and Light, will be a fun and safe night.

"We deal with adverse weather all the time. Would I like it to be 50 degrees? Sure, but it's still going to be a great party," Watry said.

Crews will start getting the area ready around 9 a.m. Monday. Watry said they will work through the storm and after, to ensure parking lots, sidewalks and stairs are clear and safe for everyone.

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