KCI crews dig out snowed-in cars in long-term parking lot

Plows created large drifts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ariana Miller had just returned to Kansas City from a balmy Philadelphia. 

"It was a little more spring-like, probably in the 50," she said.

After KCI's blue shuttle bus dropped her off in the Economy Parking Lot, she saw firsthand evidence of the winter weather she escaped. Miller's Honda Civic was hemmed in by a large snow drift, and she couldn't get out.

But she knew she could call for free help. 

Within a few minutes Earl Bradley, general manager of Standard Parking, was there with a snow shovel to dig her out.

Standard Parking operates the lot. Bradley's crews have had their hands full since the first big snow storm moved in last Thursday. He estimates they dug our 400 or 500 cars during that storm. 

He thinks his crews have rescued over 200 cars from the second big snow storm this week. 

"We've had some cars where we've had wind drifts blow the snow in," Bradley said. "We've had to dig to the side to get to the car."

The crews have been so busy managers like Bradley have had to pitch in. This week marks just the second time in the last 10 years that snow needed to be trucked away from the parking lot because there was nowhere to put it.

Travelers using the Economy Parking Lot can call for help getting out of their parking spots by using the phones inside the bus shelters where they get dropped off.

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