Parts of Missouri see up to 9 inches of snow

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - While the snow may have missed the Kansas City metro, on the other side of the state, people are digging out after heavy snow fell overnight.  

According to NBC station KSDK , parts north of St. Louis received up to nine inches of snow, while parts to the south received as little as two inches.

The official snowfall total from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is 4.3 inches, KSDK reports.

Crews from the Missouri Department of Transportation have worked nonstop to try and clear the roadways, but the heavy amount of snow and ice created dangerous driving conditions throughout the region.

Several accidents were reported; at least eight accidents have been fatalities.

‘Slow and steady wins the race," said driver John Meert. "I know everybody wants to go like a madman out here, but just nice and easy, you know?"

Some relief is in sight though; temperatures are expected to reach around 36 degrees on Saturday.

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