Residents of Moore, Oklahoma have started to sift through the rubble in their neighborhoods

MOORE, Okla. - Wednesday marked two days since a deadly tornado swept through Moore, Okla., and the first day many residents got to go back, dig through the rubble of their homes and see where many of them survived the storm.

For Matt Gentry, it wasn't his home but the storm shelter across the street from his sister's house that saved his life.

The small concrete box now stands out as the only sturdy structure for miles. Gentry and thirteen other men, women and children crammed inside to survive.

In the middle of the tornado's wrath, the storm loosened the latch.

"Three grown men had to grab on and hang on it with their full weight," Gentry said. "Fortunately they were able to keep it closed."

All thirteen people made it out alive. Gentry could hardly comprehend the damage when he crawled out of the shelter.

"I was speechless," he said.

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