Snow plow companies ready to hit the roads

PLEASANT HILL, Mo. - Decorative snowflakes on street light poles are the only signs of winter weather anyone has seen in Pleasant Hill, Mo. But that's about to change.

Bryan Kohler, owner of Kohler Lawn & Outdoor, may be one of the most excited people in town to see snow. He spent much of the day Wednesday getting his fleet of plows ready to hit the road.

"When it's 10 degrees below, blowing 45 miles per hour, you want to make sure everything's ready," Kohler said.

He will be leading a crew of 20 guys, working to clear parking lots, driveways and sidewalks in several towns. Kohler said he's ready for the challenge after last winter.

"We went out twice and we had that one little snow," Kohler said.

For most of the season his equipment just sat, collecting dust instead of clearing snow. That was followed by a slower mowing season due to the drought.

Kohler hopes this snowfall is the first of many, putting his crews to work and keeping money in their pockets.

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