Heat affects all kinds of businesses across the metro

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - With temperatures topping 100 degrees nearly every day, you would think living in a box would be unbearable. But Independence bee keeper Les Miller said that's not the case at all.

In fact, bees cope pretty well.

"Heater bees warm the hive," Miller said. "They regulate the hive at 93 to 95 degrees year-round."

But the heat is impacting Miller.

With no grass, clover or other plants, the bees are turning to another food source. They are eating the honey they produced in the spring and will continue to feed on it for 10 months.

At Barr's automotive in Independence, the heat wave is keeping mechanics sweating and customers coming in.

"The heat is breaking down automobiles," owner Garry Macken said. "Batteries are going bad, alternators are breaking down, AC systems aren't up to par or they're actually just breaking."

Jim Workman owns AV Heating and cooling. He says his crew answered more than 24 calls this past weekend, and the calls keep coming.

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