Tips to stay warm when temperatures reach dangerous lows

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With the weather in the single digits and the wind chill making it feel much worse outside, conditions could be dangerous without proper attire.

Tuesday morning, the coldest spot in the state of Missouri was near Albany, where it plunged to -20 degrees around 2 a.m.

The key to staying warm is wearing a lot of layers if you are headed to work, to shop or to visit relatives.

You'll want to remember the acronym "COLD."

"C" is for clean clothes. Dirty clothes could have dirt or moisture that allows the wind to pierce through.

"O" is for overheat. Clothes with zippers are best to ventilate when your body starts to sweat.

"L" is for layer. Wool or synthetic materials are best for keeping warm. Avoid cotton because it remains moist if you begin to sweat.

"D" is for dry. Clothes designed to dry quickly are best for cold winter temperatures.

And even though it's not summer, grab those shades.

You want to have some sunglasses for your eyes to keep the sun out," Dr. Barbara Semakula, with the University of Kansas Hospital, said. "You want to protect your eyes from the rain, cold, wind and snow which can cause corneal abrasions and if it's sunny it will also keep UV rays from radiating off the snow."

Mittens are also recommended rather than gloves because keeping the fingers together allows for better circulation.

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