Trash pickup continues in some areas despite the bitter cold

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Kansas City canceled trash pickup Monday because of the dangerously cold temperatures, but many other garbage employees, including Town and Country Disposal and Deffenbaugh Industries, braved the cold weather.

Most of us have the luxury of bundling up, getting in our warm cars, then sitting in an office or staying at home with the kids when it's this frigid outside, yet, Deffenbaugh trash pickup employee Vincent Myers woke up with one thought this morning: "Be positive! Keep working and keep the wheels turning," he said with a smile.

Myers will drive 40 miles Monday, up and down hundreds of streets in Shawnee to pick up trash from 900 homes. 

 He'll even venture down roads covered in ice and snow. In fact, Myers tells us he gets stuck once a day.

"The truck will spin its tires. Sometimes it will slide back as we are trying to go up a hill like this. If I have to get out then I have to get out, it's just my job," he said.

Employees with Deffenbaugh tell 41 Action News to help them you will want to put your trash can in an area that is shoveled out. That way, it will take them less time to pick up your garbage. If they didn't get to your trash today, chances are, they'll be back tomorrow.

With the cancelations Monday, trash pickup will be delayed by one day this week. If your normal trash day is Friday, yours will be picked up Friday.

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