University of Kansas Hospital worker walked to work in snowstorm

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - An employee with the University of Kansas Hospital proved his dedication to his job Tuesday morning when he walked to work during the height of the snow storm.

Dwayne Walker is a technician in the Trauma Center at the University of Kansas Hospital. In eight years on the job, Walker has never even called in sick. 

So Tuesday morning, when he couldn't get his car out of the driveway at his home, he decided to walk to work. He lives more than a mile from the hospital.

"It was cold and windy; but I just kept my head down and kept walking and finally made it  to work," Walker said.

Tracy McDonald, head nurse in the Trauma Center, said she never expected Walker to walk; but she's not surprised.

"He's a dedicated worker and very dependable," she explained.

"When he came in he was soaking wet and we had to give him some towels and warm him up, and he's fine," McDonald added.

Walker said he didn't want to miss work because he sees it as his responsibility, and he loves helping the patients. He actually worked in a different department Tuesday, for an employee who did not make it to work. 

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