Warm weather brings skunks to Kansas parks

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Kansas wildlife experts are dealing with a smelly problem relating to the drought in the heartland – skunks appearing at area parks and in people's backyards.

People are calling into the Great Plains Nature Center regularly to report wildlife eating people's trash or wildlife on the porch or in the backyard – fur bearers in particular.

"They're certainly up and skunks in particular are really high this year, compared to past years," Wildlife Biologist Charlie Cope said.

Cope said some wildlife has lost the fear of humans, so they are less likely to run away in places like a park or backyard.

Cope also noted that skunks will eat just about anything laying around an area. His suggestion is to pick up dog or cat food and tighten the lid on a trash can if there are skunks or other wildlife invading your backyard.