What to do for your lawn now that the weather is cooler

Grass may be mostly able to take care of itself

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - What do experts recommend you do for your lawn, now that the weather seems to have cooled off for awhile?

"Maybe nothing," said Mark Tobin, of Tobin Lawn & Landscape.

That's right. It turns out nature is pretty good at taking care of itself.

"People are concerned because the grass is brown, but the good news is brown grass doesn't necessarily mean that it's dead grass," Tobin says.

In this case laziness is even backed up by science. Tobin says a Kansas State study has shown grass can go 4 months without any water at all and still bounce back.

That means you probably don't have to worry about reseeding.

"If the lawn needed to be seeded before it went dormant, then you should seed this fall. But if the lawn looked good going into the summer before it went dormant, then chances are you don't need to seed," he said.

Tobin says seeding when you don't need to can even cause problems next summer.

He does say he has seen some Zoysia grass that has died because of the dry weather and that will need to be reseeded.

And you don't need to rake those leaves either. If they bother you just mow over them, Tobin says.

But you're not totally off the hook.

"Even though the grass is brown, you should be fertilizing," he recommended.

And grubs are starting to show up, so you should check for them by pulling on the brown grass. If the roots are firmly anchored, you're fine.

"But if it comes up like you're picking up a piece of carpet, take a look and see if the insects aren't right there at the top. It's a white "c"-shaped worm," he said.

If they are there, treat for them immediately before they can damage the lawn's root system.

So check for grubs, throw down some fertilizer, and then ... relax.

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