Winter Weather Awareness Day: Tips for staying safe in severe weather

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Wednesday is Winter Weather Awareness Day in Missouri.

The National Weather Service wants Missourians to be prepared in case of severe winter weather.

Missouri's winter weather can be difficult to predict and can quickly become severe.

The NWS suggests keeping batteries, blankets, bottled water, flashlights, non-perishable snacks and jumper cables in your car. They also suggest keeping a jar of sand, kittle litter or roof shingles in your trunk to use for traction under your tires.

It's also important to keep a cell phone charger in your car and save emergency numbers like *55 for the Kansas or Missouri Highway Patrol.

One common misconception about cars and cold weather is that you have to heat your car before driving it. Mechanics say you only need about 30 seconds for the oil in your car to heat up.

Instead of wasting gas idling, they suggest driving your car slowly for the first 10 minutes. A car heats up quicker when in motion than sitting in park.

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