Man helps car after car get moving in Kansas City's winter weather

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thursday morning's wintry commute into work was slow and frustrating for many, but a lot of people are thankful for the helping hands of others.

Several drivers found themselves stuck as their cars failed to climb the hill at 45th and Main in Kansas City, Mo.

Jennifer Schrag was one of them.

"I work for the VA, I'm trying to get there," she said.

Then, Art Shinabargar found her.

Shinabargar runs the cafe inside the American Century building across the street and arrived to work at 5 a.m.

"One of my employees called," Shinabargar explained. "She was stuck out here, so I came out and helped her."

And before Shinabargar knew it, he found himself helping driver after driver. While he was not wearing a coat and had gotten soaking wet, Shinabargar said he was happy to assist.

"My employees have been very good to me, so I always like to take care of them," Shinabargar said.

But most of the people Shinabargar helped weren't even his workers, and will never know the name of the man who helped them up the hill that one snowy morning.

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