Missouri Department of Transportation issues 'No Travel' advisory

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Transportation has issued a ‘No Travel' advisory as a winter storm marches toward the state.

The storm, which is expected to dump at least 9 to 15 inches of snow on Kansas City, will also affect other northern and central portions of the state, with the highest accumulations expected right near Kansas City.

The high rate of snowfall, coupled with 30 mph winds, can create drifts that will seriously challenge even four-wheel drive vehicles, MoDOT warns.

Missouri StateTrooper, Bill Lowe, said extra Troopers are being called in to help because of the snow storm.

"We will be patrolling all highways in Missouri to help stranded motorists and investigate crashes," Lowe said.

"Blowing snow and high winds make it very difficult for MoDOT crews to clear roads," MoDOT state maintenance engineer Elizabeth Wright said. "If there are no other vehicles on the roadways, we have a much better chance of making progress so traffic can get moving again."

Lowe said that his first advice is for motorists not to drive in the snow unless it's an absolute emergency. If a motorist does get stuck or have a crash he said it's important to stay in the car until help comes.

"Make sure your cell phones are charged, your gas tank is full, and that you have blankets and food in the car," he added.

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