NBC Action News Weather Bloggers make their Winter 2011-2012 predictions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Winter is still weeks away, but our winter forecast will be issued on Monday, Nov. 14!

Some of the most passionate weather enthusiasts are that N BC Action News Weather Bloggers . These devoted NBC Action News fans rarely hold back on their opinions about the weather and earlier this week we asked them what they think will happen this winter.

Let's take a look at some of their forecasts/projections:

• Mr. Don Long was the first blogger in with a winter forecast calling for warmer than average and snow storms beginning with 5 to 6 snow events with 3 of these being major snow storms adding up to 26 inches of snow.

• Next in was Calikufan predicting 30 inches of snow, 2 ice storms and 1 blizzard, but later Calikufan changed it to 40 inches.

• GB Packers sort of used the LRC saying "There has been zonal flow the last three months, LRC or no LRC. That does not bode well for the winter here." Prediction: 15" for the winter.

• Kcbearcatfan: "Last year I was very accurate until February and the blizzard" Prediction: Nov. 20-30, cold, dry, cloudy, winter finally arrives. Dec. 16-31, turning colder, rain turns to snow, 1" of rain and 6-7 inches of snow. Total: 20-26"

• McCabe58 predicts 35" of snow this winter and "we are definitely going to have one ice storm"

• Mowermike is sticking with 45 inches of snow and temperatures below average, "I am just going with a crazy winter….3 in a row baby

• Mukustink predicts 24 inches at the downtown and Olathe airports. "No one lives at KCI so who cares about that location"

• Weatherfreak01: "I have been watching the sky the past month or so. While we have not had copious amounts of moisture falling from the sky during that time it would be wise to keep in mind that there were numerous days where it was cloudy and looked threatening. Prediction: 27".

• Weatherman Brad says "I think for the year we will have 20 to 40 inches" and 25 to 35 below zero for the coldest temperature…..ouch!

• Dale Sams Jr. predicts slightly warmer than average and less than average precipitation

• Themightyozds104 predicts 16 inches of snow in the Northland

• Farmgirl predicts 33 inches of snow and 1 major ice storm "time to stock up on winter supplies such as shovels, snow melt, hand warmers, woolen socks, mittens, scarves, and hats"

• Henley predicts 15-20 inches

• Wags says "This is basically a big guess, unless you count the advice I received from the woolly worm….24-28 inches with two sizeable snows

Wow, great job bloggers! Good luck with your predictions. We will have our winter forecast on Monday at 10 p.m.. Thank you for participating!

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