Overland Park woman stuck in first storm cautions drivers against going out in 2nd storm

Jana Goolsby, of Overland Park, Kan., said she is a changed woman after getting stuck for three hours in the snow on Interstate-35 at Shawnee Mission Parkway last Thursday.

"I was dressed for the cold but did not have a shovel or ice melt," Goolsby said. "My car was not four-wheel drive, and I slowly felt the wheels stop turning."

At least four other cars were stuck on southbound I-35 Thursday, creating a bottleneck for motorists behind them. I-35 at that section virtually turned into a parking lot for four hours.

Eventually, snowplows came and cleared a path. Cars were able to start moving again.

After that experience, Goolsby went to the store and purchased a shovel, icemelt and windshield wiper fluid.

"I would advise people who do not have to get out and drive in the snow to stay home," she said.

She said she plans to stay home until the plows have had time to clear roads.

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