Plows and plenty of salt on hand for snow removal in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It seems like winter is taking its sweet time to knock on our door. In 2011, Kansas City had a mild winter. But, if and when winter arrives in 2012, officials say the city is ready to handle snow removal.

In fact, the city says it's stocked up on salt because it didn't use as much as it expected last winter. The city has also placed an additional order of salt just in case it runs out.

Sean Demory, spokesperson for the city's Public Works Department, says the city started prepping its snow plow trucks back in July, in the height of the summer heat.

He says the city will have a two tier approach to snow removal. Major streets will be cleared several times per day and residential streets will be cleared once per day.

The City will also use its automated text message alert system to notify residents about snow emergencies. Trough the city's homepage, residents can also map out the path of area snow plows.

"We have a snow website that will basically go live the first time there is a snow incident and people can watch and get real time results as far as where our trucks are and where things are getting cleared, where things are moving and what is still to be cleared," said Demory.

Demory says the link to that website will be available on

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