Snow removal in Kansas City nears $2 million

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The price tag on the multiple snow events since December 2012 in Kansas City, Mo., will likely approach $2 million, according to Sean Demory, Public Works spokesperson. 

"We do not have the numbers in on the snow cost from Saturday, yet," Demory said.

"But on average the cost for clearing roads is $150,000 per inch of snow," he explained.

Kansas City had a budget of $2.8 million for snow plowing this winter which began last December. Before the snowfall last Saturday, the city had spent $1.7 million to clear roads.

"We were in good shape this winter because last winter was so mild with very little snow and we were able to essentially save $1.5 million because we had left-over salt which meant we didn't have to buy salt," Demory said.

Kansas City has 3,500 lane miles to clear and 65  vehicles are used to plow those lanes.

Even though thousands of people were in town for the NCAA Tournament at the Sprint Center, Demory insisted that the city did not spend extra dollars plowing downtown.

"The Sprint Center is in the Central Business District which is classified as a priority," Demory said.

"With or without the tournament we would plow that area first," Demory concluded.

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