Snowplows are essential for winter road safety

The winter season is never fun on the roadways with snow, sleet, ice, etc. luckily, we have snowplows that get out on the roads before, during and after a storm to make it a lot safer for us to drive.  

Just think about how hard it is to drive your car on the nasty roads let alone driving a vehicle with an 11 foot plow on the front? There is a lot of training that goes into driving one of those trucks and I sat down with Robert Kluender, who is the Field Operations Supervisor for the City of Olathe, and her filled us in on the training for the drivers and what we can do to help make it as easy as possible for them out on the road.  

The drivers have to have a special driver’s license, take a written test and go through a test course before even getting on the streets. "We simulate the courses to set up like they are driving on the street. They have to hit certain things and they have to miss certain things, such as parked cars, storm boxes, driveways and mailboxes” says Kluender.

This training helps to get around certain things, but he asks people to pull their  cars into the driveway, especially if you live in a cul-de-sac to help out. Also, don’t shovel your driveway until they are done plowing because they will come back and clean up the street. 

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