Tow trucks move cars in the way of plows

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tow trucks hit the road at 9 a.m. in Kansas City, Mo., trying to clear the streets of nuisance cars ahead of the second blast of snow.

"The city's given good warning ahead of time," said Michael Lightener, who lives on St. John Avenue.

Lightener knows not to park on the south side of his street, which runs east to west. People parking on north to south-running streets need to park on the west side.

Police officers gave warnings Sunday night, but not everyone got the message.

"We're giving people plenty of chances and we're trying call people," officer Roger Brown said. "A lot of these cars in this whole neighborhood all had notes on them that were put on them yesterday that they're going to be towed today."

The city has a list of 197 identified trouble spots where cars are blocking the street. Clearing them off the roads will make way for plows and emergency vehicles.

The city said it will waive parking regulations that would affect a vehicle's ability to follow the emergency snow ordinance rules.

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