Who do you trust for your winter weather forecast: Gary Lezak's LRC or Brett Anthony's acorns?

Gary Lezak has the LRC (Lezak's Recurring Cycle); Well, Brett Anthony has his own theory for what we'll see this winter, and it's based off the number of acorns in his yard.

Gary joined Brett Tuesday on NBC Action News Midday to talk about his Winter Weather Forecast ( http://bit.ly/vzI9HR ), in which he says, based on his LRC theory, we'll see about 21 inches of snow this year.

Brett  says he uses the LRC to formulate part of his prediction, but he relies on the squirrels in his back yard to give him his real reading.

The last two years, in which we've seen 44 and 36 inches of snow respectively, the squirrels in his yard were burying acorns  at a "feverish pace," but this year "these guys are on chaise  lounges in my yard right now waiting!"

Brett predicts a more modest winter, with between 13 and 18 inches of snow throughout the season.

Click the video above to see Brett and  Gary's whole conversation!

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