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Grow your business through the most powerful media mix available – Broadcast TV and Digital.

At Scripps in Kansas City, our mission is simple: To grow your business and help achieve your marketing goals!  We employ a consultative approach to ensure we're recommending and executing strategic campaigns proven to deliver results, value, and return on investment to our clients.

  • People spend more than nine hours every day with broadcast TV, digital, and mobile.  Just think about your daily routine and how you consume your news, weather and entertainment. 

  • Not only are TV and digital the most dominant media, but they are also the most powerful, influential, engaging, and efficient ways to deliver your marketing message. 

  • It only costs 1 cent--a penny to reach a potential customer!

We view our relationships with our clients as a true partnership: When you succeed, we succeed.  We're in the results business.  We invite you to end "trial and error" marketing and find out how we can help your business grow with  a strategic four-screen approach! For more information, complete the web form and/or click on the Scripps Media Kit link below.

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