Insight Counseling offered advice for people with body image and eating disorders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ashley Heintzelman, a psychologist with Insight Counseling, was a guest Monday on 41 Action News Midday.

She said overcoming an unhealthy body image and the resulting eating disorders that come with it is a process.

"People need to understand that it is a process that involves a team approach," Heinzelman said.

She said the process of overcome eating disorders involves counselors, supportive family and friends, and a nutritionist.

"It's so important to understand that it doesn't happen overnight and there are many peaks and valleys along the way," she said.

Heinzleman explained that people who are starving themselves or binging and purging will need to understand that it is possible to be healthy again; and they will need all the support of the medical team and family to develop a healthy body image and new healthy eating habits.

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