New status of binge eating disorder

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Michelle Micsko from Insight Counseling in Overland Park, Kan., has a number of clients who have been diagnosed with binge eating disorders.

The counselor said binge eating only recently became an official diagnosis.

"The new diagnosis status means more people will qualify to get counseling for it," Micsko said.

The counselor appeared on Tuesday's 41 Action News Midday with Cynthia Newsome.

Experience has taught Micsko that you cannot tell by looking who is suffering from binge eating.

"Some people keep it very hidden and you cannot tell by body-type who is dealing with the disorder," she said.
Micsko explained binge eating is typically a symptom of another problem in that person's life.

Counseling and family support can help the person overcome the disorder.

For more information on binge eating you can contact insight Counseling.  Click here for their website.

The telephone number is 913-621-3800.



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