Nigro brothers raise millions for good causes

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - They have been picking pockets across the Kansas City area for some 30 years.

But each year they become more popular than ever.

The Nigro Brothers made up of George and David Nigro, Ron Stricker and Toby Tyler are one of the hottest items a charity can obtain for their money raising auctions because the Nigro Brothers get big money, but refuse to take any of it home.

"We're giving back," said David Nigro. "We're just giving back to the community and there are a lot of people that are less fortunate than us."

The team works around 140 auctions per year, and raises nearly 6 million dollars a year.

They miss many of their own children's activities to help good causes, but they all say their kids are proud of their efforts and they are learning a lesson in giving.

"Have you ever had 200 nuns put their arms over you and say a prayer?" Toby Tyler asked. "You're hooked, it's all over, there's nothing better."

The Nigros say they have fun at every auction; but they never lose sight of their mission.

"It's a challenge for us, truly a challenge," George said. "To get every penny that we can get and we want you to have a good time, but we are going to get your money. If it's there we are going to get it and give it to charity."

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