Two Prairie Village parents off the hook for teen Plaza curfew violations

KANSAS CITY, MO - Citations for the parents of two Prairie Village teens were dismissed in Kansas City Municipal Court Friday.

According to Kansas City Police, the 15-year-old daughters of David Hickey and Deena Blake violated the teen Plaza curfew last month.

In July, the teens said they went to see a movie on a Saturday night. When the movie ended after 9 p.m., the teens went to look for Blake, the parent responsible for picking them up.

Shortly after they went to look for their parent, they were detained by police for violating the 9 p.m. teen curfew. Their parents were each issued citations.

Friday, each of their citations didn't hold up in court. According to the attorney for the parents, the citations were dismissed because the teens were on their way home from an entertainment area. They were not able to get to their parents, because they were being detained by police.

Both parents say the city needs to review the ordinance.

"The idea of a curfew doesn't bother me. There should be some allowance for parents to pick up kids at the movie theater. I thought it was a little rough in that respect. They shouldn't have been cited in the first place but I'm glad it got resolved this way," Hickey said.

"I think that Highwoods Security and Kansas City Police didn't understand the ordinance as it was written and I think they should have a little training session, so I wouldn't have had to go through all of this because I was not in violation," Blake said.

Moving forward, the parents of the Prairie Village teens say they'll take their kids to entertainment areas outside of Kansas City.

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