Teens out on Plaza past curfew but don't receive citations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of about two dozen teenage boys camped out on the Country Club Plaza Friday night in hopes of being some of the first owners of the new Air Jordan 4.

Even though it was well past the 9 p.m. curfew and their parents were nowhere in sight, police never issued a citation.

Tyson Scott, 13, says he waits over-night on the Plaza regularly and never gets questioned by police.

"Sometimes we walk around when we get in line but they don't really care," Scott said. "We could be doing worst stuff than waiting out here in line, like going places where there's fights and stuff, but we're just sitting here just trying to get our shoes."

It was a different story for Deena Blake, her daughter and her daughter's friend.

The two teenage girls were cited for violating the curfew while waiting to be picked up after a movie.

Blake feels police targeted the girls because they're white.

"One hundred percent of the citations were issued to black kids and that when it came out that that was occurring, they were feeling pressure to find white kids and issue citations and my daughter and her friend fell into that trap," Blake said.

Police records show the girls were the only white teens to have been cited since the beginning of the year.

"The numbers are what they are," Kansas City Council Member Jan Marcason said.

According to Marcason, the curfew is enforced across the board.

"It seems pretty straight forward," Marcason said.

But why the white girls waiting for their ride were cited, but the black boys waiting all night for some shoes were not remains unanswered.

41 Action News reached out for a comment from the Kanas City Police Department, but no response was given.

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