LIST | Local police policies for operating technology while driving

List of Kansas City-area law enforcement departments' policies for using cellphones and computers while driving:

Kansas Highway Patrol

  • Computer use while vehicle is in motion shall be limited to license plate checks. Any computer use while the vehicle is in motion shall not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.
  • Computer should not be used during a vehicle pursuit or any emergency response situations.

Johnson County Sheriff

  • Employees shall not text or email using cellphone while driving.
  • Any activity that requires the driver to read the computer, type messages or make inquiries shall not do it while the vehicle is in motion, unless it can be done safely and without placing driver and public at risk.

Jackson County Sheriff

  • Employees are prohibited to utilize a cellphone or other electronic devices while operating an official county vehicle, unless phone or device is equipped with hands-free capabilities.
  • Deputies should avoid dialing and/or talking on the cellphone while driving. They should pull off the road to place a call or to answer a call if it isn't expected to be a short conversation.

Missouri Highway Patrol

  • Employees should not use cellphones while driving unless it's used in a hands-free mode.
  • Policy does not prohibit Patrol from using computer to check license plates or handle routine short transactions with command keys while driving.
  • Officers will not use cellphones while driving in pursuit or emergency response.

Kansas City Missouri Police Department

  • No specific policy about use of computers.
  • Department spokesman attributes lack of distraction-related crashes to two-person patrol crews, which allow passenger to type.

Independence Police Department

  • No specific policy about use of computers.

Overland Park Police Department

  • Police are exempt from a law that prohibits drivers from "using a wireless communication device to write, send or read a written communication."

Lee's Summit Police Department

  • The operator of the patrol vehicle will not operate the computer while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Exceptions: The use of the single stroke message keys ("hot keys") indicating message received, affirmative, negative, or stand by responses, or second officer when riding in the front passenger seat may operate the computer while in motion.

Olathe Police Department

  • "The use of the MDT Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) while the police vehicle is in motion creates a potential risk to the officer because of the change of focus from driving to operating the MDT. Collisions resulting from inattention to driving while operating the MDT will be handled through the accident review process."


*Information gathered by contacting each department and requesting the policy

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