Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit - Top Urgent Bad Credit Loans

9:06 AM, Aug 12, 2022
Brand Spotlight Best Emergency Loans

Where do you go when you’re stuck between a rock - like an emergency expense - and a hard place that is your bad credit score?

Definitely not to the bank.


Well, most traditional lenders would immediately dismiss your loan application with unfavorable credit.

But that doesn’t mean you can wiggle your way out of this pickle.

With carefully selected urgent loans for poor credit, even substandard credit consumers can apply for credit and get responses almost instantly.

If you fit the bill, here's a list of the best bad credit loan companies that can help you manage your financial emergency with no fine print and hidden clauses.

Let’s check them out. 

Emergency Loans for Bad Credit:

1. MoneyMutual - Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit Overall


  • 100+ lenders
  • Over 2M+ clients served
  • As little as $100 loans
  • 5-minute loan application form
  • Has informative financial resources


  • Maximum $5k loans


MoneyMutual is the staple of online bad credit score loan sites.

Its lender marketplace has attracted over 2 million customers since 2010, so you can say that they combine its veteran status with a rock-solid reputation.

Speaking of credibility, MoneyMutual is part of the Online Lender’s Alliance, another testament to the company’s commitment to fair practices.

Why We Chose It

MoneyMutual’s ace card is their massive lender network.

The site is reported to have a network of over 100 lenders, which is a great advantage in finding the one that would cater to your needs.

Right at the core of their lender business is a fast-tracked process.

An initial personal loan request takes just 5 minutes, and you could receive loan funds in your bank account in 24 hours

Suffice to say, MoneyMutual is an apt choice if you have pressing financial needs, e.g., medical expenses or unexpected bills.

Even more, the platform is secure and verified by TrustedSite; hence you can be at peace knowing your private information isn’t at risk.

MoneyMutual also has comprehensive educational resources. It specifically includes bad credit score loan tips that can help you optimize your credit loan applications down the line.

In sum, if you want a wholesome personal loan provider and a financial educator in a single place, you should check out MoneyMutual’s services.

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - N/A
  • Loan Terms - N/A
  • Loan Amounts - $100 - $5,000

>>Get a loan fast with MoneyMutual>>

2. CashUSA - Urgent Loans for Bad Credit With Educational Resources



  • Limited background information


CashUSA prides itself on being one of America’s most trusted cash resources.

The company doesn’t have detailed background information but rather offers its services to those who want to put its claims to the test.

Why We Chose It

CashUSA has a vast lender network and collaborates with other third-party lenders that may grant you personal loans.

Along with the perk of operating a huge lender base, you can get its personal loan services quickly.

The website’s online loan form takes minutes to fill out. Even better, if you find a lender and finalize a deal, they usually wire the loan proceeds into your checking account the next day.

The company wants to edge competing lender marketplaces by providing advance lender interest rates and repayment terms. While they might just be term ranges, they can help you gauge what to expect from creditors.

What’s more, CashUSA also seeks to give you more insight into your financial well-being.

Its comprehensive educational section gives you an opportunity to learn more about finances, debt, and banking and improve your financial knowledge.

Overall, CashUSA is ideal for both speedy personal loans and financial literacy. If you fancy both, then this platform is the go-to place for you.

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - 5.99 - 35.99%
  • Loan Terms - 3 months - 72 months
  • Loan Amounts - $500 - $10,000

>>Get a loan and learn how to save money with CashUSA>>

3. BadCreditLoans - Tailored Personal Loans for Bad Credit


  • 24/7 service
  • Convenient personal loan comparisons
  • Variety of loan types
  • Helpful loan tips
  • Credit report is not the be-all and end-all


  • Possible constant lender communication


BadCreditLoans is a long-standing platform that gives you access to highly personalized bad credit loans.

Why We Chose It

Unlike many generic loan companies, BadCreditLoans was born out of wanting to cater specifically to bad and poor credit score customers. 

Instead of your credit report, the lenders here might judge you based on things like your debt-to-income ratio.

Even more, it’s much easier to find personalized loans as the site provides a wide variety of loan types.

These include:

  • Student loans
  • Personal loans
  • Credit card loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Home loans
  • Business loans
  • Auto loans

Best of all, BadCreditLoans has extended lender links to other third-party non-lender networks that may consider your loan interest.

Also, the website makes it much simpler to review and pick the best loans by sending multiple simultaneous loan offers.

While at it, BadCreditLoans also provides loan tips, e.g., budgeting tips that might assist you in paying back your loan smoothly.

So, do customized loans and round-the-clock accessible finances sound like something you want now? BadCreditLoans might be just up your alley. 

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - 5.99 - 35.99%
  • Loan Terms - 3 months - 72 months
  • Loan Amounts - $500 - $10,000

>>Need money fast? Try BadCreditLoans today>>

4. Funds Joy - Flexible Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval


  • From low $200 loans
  • Flexible loan types
  • 10-minute loan form
  • Transparent service


  • Short-term loans have high rates


Funds Joy has made its name with a line-up of industry-famous lenders that offer flexible deals.

Why We Chose It

At the crux of Funds Joy’s business model is adherence to fast, reliable, and transparent credit services customized for bad credit borrowers.

Funds Joy also touts its stellar reputation and the fact that they charge no fees to connect you to creditors.

In terms of speed and reliability, Funds Joy takes only 10 minutes of your time with their loan form. 

Even better, if you’re faced with an emergency, it’s reassuring to know that the platform’s lenders deliver emergency loans on the next business day after the loan approval.

Issuing loans amounting to as low as $200, Funds Joy could also be a good platform for payday loans. 

Additionally, the company offers installment loans in the form of:

  • Personal loans
  • Installment loans

In conclusion, if you are searching for small loans with highly flexible loan terms, you might as well try Funds Joy.

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - N/A
  • Loan Terms - N/A
  • Loan Amounts - $200 - $5,000

>>Get a loan on your own terms with Funds Joy>>

5. PersonalLoans - Large Online Loans for Bad Credit


  • No minimum credit score requirement
  • Tailored personal loans available
  • Quite competitive interest rates
  • Deep loan guides


  • Higher $2,000/$3,000 minimum income requirement


PersonalLoans was born out of the need to simplify personal loans for consumers. 

Why We Chose It

To start, this lender connection company has no minimum credit score requirement, so people with bad credit are offered promising opportunities here.

Also, PersonalLoans gives loans for any occasion. Whether you want to sort a medical bill, an existing debt, or even go on a vacation, you’re good to go.

Understanding the importance of speed in dealing with pressing financial matters, the company promises to deliver personal loans in one business day.

Again, you can take large loans of up to $35,000 to handle high emergency expenses.

For people that want to do their due diligence before taking credit, the site has extensive loan guides to enlighten you on the matter.

Depending on your preferences and lender policy, you can choose from:

  • Personal installment loans
  • Peer-to-peer loans
  • Bank loans

To sum up, PersonalLoans is a worthy service to check out for larger loans with lower credit scores.

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - 5.99 - 35.99%
  • Loan Terms - 3 months - 72 months
  • Loan Amounts - $1,000 - $35,000

>>Get a loan for higher expenses fast on PersonalLoans>>

6. Zippyloan - Personalized Emergency Loans for Bad Credit


  • 5-minute loan application
  • Credit from $100
  • Both payday loans, installment loans
  • May improve credit score


  • Seemingly no customer support


Zippyloan’s mission revolves around making bad credit personal loans accessible as fast as possible around the clock.

Why We Chose It

The site’s personal loan inquiry form takes only 5 minutes to complete, with lender decisions made in real-time as well.

If you close a deal with a lender, your loan proceeds will be directly sent to your bank account on the following day.

In addition, Zippyloan accepts all credit types and has specific lenders that serve bad credit borrowers

Even more, Zippyloan can approve both small $100 loans and relatively large loans of $15,000. Needless to say, you can easily find short-term payday loans or opt for installment credit.

More interestingly, several Zippyloan lenders are said to report on-time payments to three main credit bureaus. If you honor your personal loan agreement, your credit score might just go up

Lastly, Zippyloan’s accelerated bad credit loans and potential credit score improvement can be attractive to many customers. 

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - N/A
  • Loan Terms - 6-72 months
  • Loan Amounts - $100 - $15,000

>>Take a tailor-made loan with bad credit on Zippyloan>>

7. 24/7DollarLoan - Leading Small Urgent Loans for Bad Credit


  • Simple requirements
  • Great for small credit
  • 24/7 service
  • 2-3 minute process


  • $1,000 max loans


24/7DollarLoan wants to carve a spot for itself as a platform with one of the best rosters of payday lenders in the business.

Why We Chose It

24/7DollarLoan’s creditors give you loans that are to be serviced with your next paycheck.

This works similarly to an emergency loan.

Applying for a personal loan takes 2-3 minutes, followed by an equally fast lender decision and 1-day turnovers for approved loans.

The only limitation is that the maximum amount you can borrow is $1,000

Along with a fast-tracked process, 24/7DollarLoan also eases down on borrower requirements.

Most notably, you only need to have a monthly income of $800, which is lower than the $1,000 or more that most sites demand.

For a quick credit to sort things out until your next payday arrives, check out 24/7DollarLoan.

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - 235 - 1304%
  • Loan Terms - 14 - 30 days
  • Loan Amounts - $100 - $1,000

>>Need a smaller loan fast? Check out 24/7DollarLoan now>>

8. Upgrade - Most Reputable Bad Credit Emergency Loans


  • Direct lender
  • Up to $50,000 credit
  • Check prequalified rates first
  • Cutting-edge reputation


  • Relatively high origination fees


Upgrade has all the earmarks of a leading reputable personal loan site.

The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ score.

Next, Upgrade has catered to over 1M clients and has an excellent 4.7/5 Trustpilot score to show its overall trustworthiness.

Why We Chose It

Upgrade is also one of few online direct lenders, which is good if you want to deal with a creditor explicitly.

We also like the fact that the company lets you see your pre-qualified interest rates right off the bat.

By seeing your pre-qualified rates before an application, you can immediately gauge if the site is right for you. 

Besides, viewing your interest rates doesn’t affect your credit score.

Afterward, you can choose from different loan types to find the most suitable one. 

However, the loan service charges a 2-8% origination fee that’s deducted from your personal loan. Bear that in mind when reviewing your prospective loan amount.

Seeing that you can access loans of up to $50,000, Upgrade could be an excellent option for major purchases.

And, if you’re cleared for a loan, it only takes a day or sometimes even less to receive the funds.

Generally, if you desire lower APRs and affordable monthly payments, Upgrade may be a platform of choice for you.

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - 6.95 - 35.97%
  • Loan Terms - 24 - 84 months
  • Loan Amounts - $1,000 - $50,000

>>Apply for a safe and fast emergency loan on Upgrade>>

9. 24/7CreditNow - Urgent Loans With Low Income Requirement


  • Instant responses
  • Low $800 income requirement
  • 2-minute process


  • Limited amounts for bad credit consumers


24/7CreditNow seeks to create a stress-free path to credit with a panel of top USA lenders.

Why We Chose It

The company is one of the fastest online lenders, which sets them apart from others when it comes to emergency loans for bad credit. 

Your loan request can be completed in 2-3 minutes at any time. More impressively, lender communication may arrive in 90 seconds or less.

24/7CreditNow provides personal loans of as much as $35,000

However, it’s unlikely that you may access tens of thousands of dollars in credit with a low credit score. 

If you really look at it, it may not be a downside after all, as it might help you avoid unbearable debt.

On the brighter side, 24/7CreditNow has a market-low minimum income requirement capped at $800. This provides a nice eligibility advantage to those who want to borrow money.

In brief, to get fast loan request responses and access to manageable payday loans, you can try out 24/7CreditNow.

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - N/A
  • Loan Terms - N/A
  • Loan Amounts - $100 - $35,000

>>Find loans with low income requirements on 24/7CreditNow>>  

10. LendingTree - Largest Lender Panel for Bad Credit Auto Loans


  • More than 300 lenders
  • Free credit score
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Up to 5 lender offers at once


  • 3-6% origination fees
  • May need more personal information


Being in the loan industry for over 20 years, LendingTree claims to be trusted by millions of American consumers.

To support its claim to reputability, the company offers its 4.6/5 Excellent Trustpilot rating and the fact that Forbes reported on it in a positive light as well.

Why We Chose It

LendingTree arguably has the biggest lender network today, with over 300 lenders. This clearly makes it simpler to land a creditor just for your needs.

Additionally, the company gives you transparency by listing its major lenders and their basic requirements.

While at it, LendingTree can send up to 5 loan offers at one time to eligible borrowers, making the whole process of finding the best terms more seamless.

To make the job easier for you, the platform features a loan payment calculator that can help you weigh up your monthly payments.

LendingTree appears to charge a 3-6% origination fee, which may reduce your final loan proceeds.

If you are fine with that, the company lets you choose the loan you desire, including:

  • Student loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Auto loans
  • Personal loans
  • Business loans
  • Credit card loans

Supplementary benefits like free credit score and free credit score monitoring may improve your credit health.

For a user-friendly and streamlined assessment of the best loans for you, LendingTree can be a great option if you are facing pressing financial needs.

Loan Summary

  • APR Range - 3.99 - 35.99%
  • Loan Terms - 12 - 84 months
  • Loan Amounts - $1,000 - $50,000

>>Find a lender for your urgent bad credit loan on LendingTree>>

Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval - Ranking Guide

Company Reputation and Legitimacy

While many bad credit loan companies may be legitimate, vulnerable borrowers can easily fall into scam traps disguised as affordable loans.

To ensure that consumers have access to only the most trustworthy services from the start, we exclusively chose the most experienced lenders out there.

Most of the lenders in our recommended selection have over ten years of industry experience.

We also made sure to check the client reviews, only choosing those that had enough positive client reviews.

Thus, the majority of our suggested loan companies have high Trustpilot scores.

Many are also recognized by the Better Business Bureau and have sufficiently high ratings offered by it.

Diversity of Lenders

Seeing that most bad credit emergency loan lenders are creditor marketplaces, we wanted to select only the most diverse among them.

In general, the larger the pool of affiliated lenders, the better opportunity you’ll have to find a creditor that’s open to your loan inquiry.

So, every company we selected carried a large lender size, many having 60+ lenders and some even clocking creditors in the hundreds.

Are the Customer Requirements Manageable?

Most bad credit borrowers resort to poor credit score lenders because of their less rigid customer requirements.

So, we wanted to choose online lenders that had the fewest requirements possible for their customers.

The majority of our companies will only need you to meet these demands:

  • Be a US citizen or a permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a steady minimum monthly income of $800/$1,000
  • Have a personal bank account or checking account

From the look at things, most subpar credit borrowers are able to meet these requirements.

Convenience of Service

Again, we were intent on choosing the most straightforward lenders to provide borrowers with stress-free applications.

The loan services that finally made our list only take a few minutes from accessing the site to connecting you to a potential lender.

We also had a healthy bias towards online lenders that had amazing customer services for extra help when needed.

Loan Turnover Speed

Since most borrowers need an emergency loan to address urgent financial expenses, it’s only reasonable we chose the fastest sites in this regard.

You only need about 5 minutes to send a loan inquiry to all the lender companies we selected.

Moreover, you’re sure to get a lender’s feedback just as fast.

And, if you get the green light, you can handle that unexpected expense of yours as soon as the next day.

We also tried to choose more 24/7 services to give borrowers all-around accessibility to fast loans.

>>Get a loan fast with MoneyMutual>>

General Loan Terms

To protect consumers from potential lender exploitation, we also picked companies with more reasonable terms.

We wanted to ensure that the loans provided were in line with the most beneficial terms.

For example, payday loans have an average interest of $15 to $30 for every $100 borrowed.

We looked at companies’ average rates and ensured they charged only acceptable payday loan rates.

We did the same for installment loan companies by picking only those that offered the average market interest rates of 3-36%.

Extra Features

While not directly related to urgent loans, we wanted to give you access to as many comprehensive services as possible.

Subsequently, we chose sites that also had supplementary financial tools like loan guides, budgeting insights, and general financial and education tools.

By tapping into these extra services, you may improve your financial awareness and make better choices in the future.

Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval - FAQs

What Is an Urgent Loan?

An urgent loan typically refers to an unsecured loan that is taken for high-priority expenses.

An unsecured loan can be taken for medical needs, unexpected bills, car repairs, and the like.

Still, an emergency loan could also refer to fast, unsecured personal loans, even those that aren’t as urgent, e.g., for a vacation or wedding.

How Fast Can I Get an Emergency Loan?

You can get an emergency loan as fast as on the same day.

Often, most emergency credit services issue loans in one business day.

As the majority of emergency loans for bad credit have a sense of urgency about them, these providers will try to submit your loan as fast as possible. 

To stand more chances of receiving your emergency loan faster, have the general details they might need at hand before starting the application process.

>>Get a loan fast with MoneyMutual>>

Where Can You Get an Urgent Loan if You Have Bad Credit?

You can get an urgent loan with bad credit from a bad credit emergency loans site.

Bad credit urgent loans can be taken out from trustworthy companies like:

  • MoneyMutual
  • CashUSA
  • BadCreditLoans
  • Funds Joy
  • PersonalLoans
  • Zippyloan
  • 24/7DollarLoan
  • Upgrade
  • 24/7CreditNow
  • LendingTree

Will an Urgent Loan Impact My Credit Score?

An urgent loan may or may not impact your credit score.

Most bad credit loans won’t affect your credit score if you adhere to your loan agreement.

However, if you fail to repay your loan, some creditors might report you to the major credit bureaus, thus hurting your credit score.

On the other hand, a few creditors report on-time loan payments to credit agencies. This might actually have a positive impact on your credit score.

Are There Alternatives To Urgent Loans?

Yes, there are alternatives to urgent loans. 

Urgent loan alternatives include the following options.

Credit From Friends or Family

If you have a close friend or family member, you can opt to ask for an emergency loan from them.

Closely related people are likely to give you easy loan terms, and some may not even ask for interest.

Paycheck Advance

Most employers can let you take an advance paycheck, which would be deducted from your next paycheck.

Salary advances can be wholly paid off with your next paycheck or be paid in smaller installments depending on your employer’s policy.

>>Get a loan fast with MoneyMutual>>

Credit Unions

If you’re a member of a credit union, you might get access to Payday Alternative Loans (PAL).

These loans have softer 28% max interest rates and terms of up to 12 months.

Credit Card Cash Advances

You can also seek credit from your credit provider.

A credit card loan is like a cash advance issued against your credit limit.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

Peer-to-peer loans work quite similarly to emergency loan companies.

They are usually offered by investors that may grant you competitive interest rates and terms.

What Is the Easiest Urgent Loan To Get Approved For?

The easiest urgent loan company to get approved for is MoneyMutual.

MoneyMutual has tons of positive customer ratings, including many clients who point out its high loan success rates.

Also, this lender has no credit requirements, making it easier for all people to stand a better chance of loan approval.

>>Get a loan fast with MoneyMutual>>

How to Apply for an Urgent Loan if You Have Bad Credit?

To apply for urgent loans if you have bad credit, you have to find a bad credit lender first.

Differing from conventional lenders, bad credit lenders review your loan eligibility based on things like income and debt-to-income ratio as opposed to your credit history.

When scouting for a bad credit lender, it’s crucial that you choose the most reputable lenders. 

For a start, all of our recommended emergency loan platforms have what it takes.

A step-by-step breakdown of applying for an urgent bad credit loan is described below.

Choosing a Fitting Bad Credit Lender

The first step of applying for urgent bad credit involves picking the most suitable lender.

You need to make sure that the lender can meet your financial needs. Most importantly, you need to be certain that the creditor offers the loan amount you need.

Filling Out the Loan Inquiry Form

Once you find an adequate lender, you will get a prompt to start filling out their online request form.

Some online lenders even give you the added convenience of seeing your pre-qualified interest rates initially, which is a plus.

These details may include your employment and identification details.

Wait for Lender Communication

After submitting your loan inquiry, a lender's decision is all you have to wait for.

If you meet the requirements, most people with bad credit eventually get certified for emergency loans.

On the majority of platforms, lenders’ feedback usually comes in a few minutes.

>>Get a loan fast with MoneyMutual>>

Review Loan Offer

If you’re approved for credit, the lender will send you a loan deal with detailed repayment terms to review.

For creditor marketplaces, you’ll be connected with a lender or even more than one lender to review their loan offers.

If you like the deal on the table, you can take it. If you don’t, you can decline and resubmit your loan form for another potential offer from a new lender.

Add Any Additional Requested Details

Assuming you closed a deal with a creditor, they might ask you to add more information.

These details are usually used for verification purposes and may include:

  • Copies of your ID/Passport/Social Security Number
  • Bank statements
  • Address records
  • Employment details

E-sign the Loan

Upon verifying your details, the lender will send you a credit agreement to sign online.

Many lenders don’t read their debt payment obligations carefully, but we suggest that you do.

These agreements help you understand the full scope of your loan beyond the repayment terms.

Receive Your Loan Funds

Lastly, after everything is done, the creditor will send the loan directly into your bank account.

This often only takes a day, which is fast enough for you to cater to important financial responsibilities.

Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit - Conclusion

The only thing standing between you and finding tailor-made credit is a bad credit lender.

With most of our bad credit personal lenders, you have the opportunity to access payday and installment loans within a day.

To begin, you can try to find a personalized loan from one of MoneyMutual’s 100+ lenders. Moreover, the site claims to be trusted by millions of users.

>>Get a loan fast with MoneyMutual>>

CashUSA and BadCreditLoans are also great options for getting best emergency loans if you want credit in the range of $500 - $10,000.

Whatever you choose, once you get the loan approval, you’ll be out of the woods, and we do hope that our guide on the best emergency loans will help you get there in no time.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure to use personal loan lenders responsibly to avoid attracting heavy debt. Opinions expressed within the content are solely the authors. Does not constitute advice.

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