Unbiased Bluehost Review: Pros, Cons, & Pricing Compared

9:00 AM, Mar 11, 2023
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Bluehost is one of the web hosting industry's pioneering businesses. Since its founding in 1996, it has grown to become the most recognized brand name in the WordPress hosting industry. They’re a web hosting provider that comes highly recommended by the WordPress organization.

If you choose Bluehost to host your website, it should definitely function at a normal speed regardless of the number of people that visit it. This has been shown by a series of stress tests carried out on websites hosted by Bluehost, all of which demonstrated that the sites were not brought down by an overwhelming number of users accessing them at the same time.

You may reach the helpful team at Bluehost customer service by phoning, engaging in live chat, or sending an email when you have questions or concerns about the service. You are free to contact Bluehost customer service whenever you need assistance.



Bluehost Review From Our Experts

In addition to being highly recommended by WordPress, Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting providers in the world. Because of its extensive feature set, and round-the-clock Bluehost customer service, it’s a good choice for newbies as well as small, medium, and big organizations.

Read out the in-depth Bluehost review that was produced by our group of industry professionals to determine whether or not Bluehost is the most suitable option for your needs. To verify their claims, we will conduct an extensive analysis utilizing standard benchmarking procedures before writing our Bluehost review.

The following are just a few subjects that will be on our agenda for this Bluehost review:

  • Features: Do they provide everything that’s necessary for you to create your own website?
  • Bluehost customer service: When you urgently need assistance with your website, can you count on Bluehost customer service to be there for you?
  • Performance: How does Bluehost perform with high volumes of visitors? A stress test will be performed to determine just how it holds up under pressure.
  • Dependability: Will your visitors be able to access your website at all times of the day, every day of the year?
  • Cost: What is their pricing like? Are they competitive? Is there a discount you can take advantage of on Bluehost?
  • Speed: The speed at which your website may load when you utilize Bluehost is a critical consideration. We'll test how soon their server replies to evaluate how quick they are.

In this last section of our Bluehost review, we’re going to look at the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Bluehost. If you prefer not to peruse the entire Bluehost review, a summarized assessment of Bluehost as well as our concluding thoughts is provided below for your convenience.



Bluehost Review Summary

  • One of the fastest web hosting services
  • Domain available at no cost
  • The typical loading time is 1.48 ms
  • Excellent performance
  • Bluehost customer service is available through Real-Time Chat, Phone, and Online FA
  • WordPress with a single click
  • A free SSL certificate is available
  • Typically, a response takes 1.26 milliseconds

Based on our research, we recommend Bluehost because it’s dependable, swift, cheap, and provides accessible, friendly Bluehost customer service at all hours of the day and night. This is why we rank the organization as one of the top WordPress hosting providers and advise you to go with them.

In order for you to make an educated choice, let's get started with our comprehensive Bluehost review of the web hosting services provided by the company.

Bluehost Compared to the Best Web Hosting Services

Two weeks of rigorous testing have shown Bluehost to be among the top web hosting providers available. This Bluehost review included new enrollment into the service, creating a website, interacting with Bluehost customer service, and doing uptime and speed tests over 30 days.

Despite the fact that Bluehost has been overtaken by other services, it’s still an excellent option and the one we suggest most highly if you need a no-cost, WordPress-compatible, drag-and-drop site developer.

There could be a more convenient approach to achieving your goal if it isn't absolutely necessary. Read in-depth evaluations of our top recommendations written by a group of analysts who have tried the goods, find out why we chose each one, and choose the one that's ideal for you per your individual requirements.

About Bluehost

Bluehost has quickly become one of the web hosting industry's most recognizable names. In 1996, we opened for business. Well over 2 million websites throughout the planet presently rely on it. Bluehost has maintained excellent ties to the WordPress community over the years. They have been endorsed as a top-tier web host by WordPress.org since 2006.

They’re really pleased with themselves for their Bluehost customer service which offers round-the-clock help to their customers, for having a solid hosting platform, and for enabling open-source, free software like WordPress.



Bluehost Hosting Review: Pros & Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to using each of the top web hosting services. Some of them you can accept, while others you just cannot.

This section of our Bluehost review will break down the perks and drawbacks of utilizing Bluehost.

Bluehost Pros 

  • If you register for an account, you won't find any surprise charges
  • Most users have commented that Bluehost is really fast. Your website's performance may be improved by including CloudFlare
  • Get a complimentary Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) and SSL certificate for each of your sites to prevent malware and boost security
  • Their hosting options are priced reasonably, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers
  • Bluehost customer service is available all day every day to assist you
  • They promise your money back if you aren't satisfied with their service within 30 days of signing up for any of their programs
  • Once you join up, you'll be provided with a complimentary domain name to use for a full calendar year
  • With the redesigned cPanel, users may access functions fast and with no much effort
  • Python, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN, PHP, Perl, and dozens more are just a few examples of the various database systems available. Several popular website scripts, such as those for social networks, blogs, mailing lists, forums, and wikis (including Joomla, Drupal, and Tikiwiki), are freely available to the public
  • Bluehost has excellent safety features
  • If you can afford it, we recommend Bluehost's WordPress hosting as the best option

Bluehost Cons 

  • While the WordPress plans' included features are superior to those of many rivals, their pricing structure is prohibitive. Inmotion, for instance, offers a fantastic plan for as little as $2.95 per month. This amounts to less than a third of the price of Bluehost's most affordable WordPress hosting plan.
  • They attempt to upsell you upon enrollment even though you may not need all of the extra features they offer. Nevertheless, if you don't require SiteLock or any of the other additions, they may be easily disabled. There are many helpful extensions, but you'll need to install several of them in order to obtain the capabilities you want
  • The cost they charge to reinstate a free domain is more than standard



Bluehost Performance Tests

You should focus heavily on speed since it’s the most important indicator of performance. Both your site's popularity and its position in search results will be impacted by speed.

Research has indicated that even a one-second delay in a website's loading time may result in a seven percent decrease in the site's conversion rate. If you're even three seconds late, you may as well say goodbye to half of your customers. The loading time and overall efficiency of your site on Bluehost will be our next concern in this Bluehost review.

Bluehost Speed Test Results

You should choose a swift website hosting provider if you value a fast page load time. In light of this, we built a special test site to measure Bluehost's performance.

Our website's preview edition was built using WordPress and the basic theme, Twenty Twenty. We used fictitious materials, such as images, to help construct the theme. Afterward, we checked the site's speed using Pingdom to see whether it loaded quickly enough for our needs.

These are the outcomes of our tests:

Our testing website loads in much under two seconds. In light of the fact that we didn't use any caching plugins or even other performance-optimization tactics on our website, this finding comes as somewhat of a surprise.

The speed test, unfortunately, was insufficient since it was carried out in an area where there wasn't a lot of traffic. To determine how well Bluehost's servers would do under heavy traffic, we utilized a tool called K6 (formerly known as LoadImpact) to simulate an influx of customers.

We utilized it to test the server's ability to deal with requests from a large number of concurrent connections by progressively increasing the number of users until we reached 100.

Here's a photo of the results of the investigation.

The number of concurrent virtual users is shown by the green line on the page. The length of time it takes the server to completely load is shown by the blue line. As you can see, even during periods of very high traffic volume, the server's loading time remained constant throughout the test. This supports the reliability mentioned earlier in our Bluehost review.

This test's findings suggest that Bluehost would be a wise option if you're looking for a web page that loads swiftly. Another crucial element is that the service was never down while we were doing our tests.

Several hosting providers promise an uptime of a minimum of 99.99%. We installed a notification system in the test account to monitor the uptime. For further information about the availability of Bluehost's servers, see the screenshot below.



Bluehost Server Response Time

By utilizing a program like Pingdom to test a live website, you can see how fast various pages on the web load on your device. If it's got pictures in it, note that pictures take a lot longer to load than normal text would.

A more accurate server response time was obtained by our team by using a different application called Bitcatcha. A server's response time may be tested without having to load any data.

Bluehost's US-based server was active in under a second. In certain areas, the response time was a little longer, although it remained well under a second overall.

This should benefit your website when the majority of the individuals you wish to target reside or are located in the US But, you may want to relocate your server if you see that a significant percentage of your users are located in regions outside the United States.

Bluehost Pricing Plans and Features

Bluehost offers many hosting plans as seen in our Bluehost review, that may be customized to meet the specific requirements of any company size at any price point. It covers a wide range of hosting services, from shared to VPS to dedicated to the cloud to managed WordPress to WooCommerce.

The wide range of their hosting services can be confusing so feel free to get in touch with Bluehost customer service to clear up anything you don't quite understand. In this part of the Bluehost review, we will examine the features and pricing of Bluehost's hosting options.

Shared Hosting

If you just expect a modest number of visitors to your new website, shared hosting may be the most efficient approach to get it up and operating as quickly as possible. While selecting a shared hosting environment, your site will be hosted alongside others on the same server. 

Using cloud hosting in the shared hosting package increases reliability. Having access to numerous cloud servers means you may easily switch to a different server if you experience hardware failure or excessive traffic.



Breakdown of Bluehost’s Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost provides a suitable shared hosting solution for those just starting out in the world of websites. This is largely due to affordable packages as well as the Bluehost customer service which is particularly useful for newbies. The cost of the shared plan may be purchased at one of four different tiers.

This Bluehost review will cover the features and pricing of Bluehost's various plans as seen below:

  • Basic: The basic package allows for a single website to be hosted. It supports a single primary domain as well as up to 25 subdomains. It includes a solid-state drive containing 50 GB storage capacity, five email accounts with 100 MB of storage space each, and a total of 500 MB of storage space. There will be a $2.75 monthly recurring payment for the first term. There’s also an $8.99 obligatory charge if you want to retain your account.
  • Plus: The Plus plan provides endless disk space, bandwidth, and the ability to host an indefinite number of domains. More than that, you can have as many email accounts as you desire. Monthly fees begin at $4.95 during the initial term and increase afterward. A monthly maintenance cost of USD 11.99 is charged to active accounts.
  • Choice Plus: The Choice Plus plan contains all the extras included in the Plus package. Users may also benefit from CodeGuard's free daily automated backups as well as complimentary domain privacy services. When factored in annually, the value of these additions exceeds $80. The first term's payment schedule amounts to $5.45 each month. When your membership is renewed, you'll be charged $16.99 each month.
  • Pro: Instead of the current monthly price of $13.95, it will be $23.99 per month when it’s purchased from now on. In addition to the advantages offered by the plans described above, this one also comes with its own dedicated IP address.

You may choose from the following alternatives if you’re just getting started with your website. When your site expands, you may upgrade to a more robust hosting package.

Despite this, all of the pricing tiers include a free domain name for a whole year, a free SSL certificate, a complimentary content delivery network (CDN), a variety of one-of-a-kind themes, as well as the Bluehost customer service available around the clock.

All three tiers (Plus, Select Plus, and Pro) provide an infinite amount of domains and solid-state drive storage and include a complimentary month of Office 365.



WooCommerce Hosting

Bluehost's flexible pricing structure means it can accommodate enterprises of any size or budget. It covers a wide range of hosting services, from shared to the cloud to VPS to managed WordPress to WooCommerce to dedicated servers as well as other hosting varieties.

WordPress Hosting

These WordPress plans have been created from the bottom up with websites that are powered by WordPress in mind from the very beginning. It’s created to be compatible with WordPress and could possibly defend the WordPress site from the kind of threats that are most popular.

An improvement to shared WordPress hosting is that virtual private server hosting (also known as VPS hosting) gives you the ability to virtually allocate resources while working in a shared environment.

If you host your website on a dedicated server, you will have complete access to all the resources on that server that are available at any given time. The unfortunate consequence resulting from this scenario will be that you won't have anybody else to look after the server for you.

To install WordPress for each and every one of Bluehost's hosting services, all you need to do is click a button. It's as simple as that.

A user-friendly hosting control panel is included with each plan, as well as Bluehost customer service. This allows you to easily manage your hosting, create databases, and carry out other administrative duties.

Bluehost provides its clients with a control panel that simplifies the process for those who are unfamiliar with web hosting to operate the service. In addition to this, it makes use of a customized version of a cPanel hosting interface in order to have access to more advanced capabilities.



Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost offers a range of simple pricing tiers. You’re welcome to get in touch with the Bluehost customer service for a no-cost consultation in the event that you’re still unsure about which one would be of the greatest use to you.

Your monthly hosting fee will somewhat increase if you choose a plan that requires payment each month. In spite of this, for those just getting their feet wet in the world of website ownership, the BlueHost Starter Plan remains the most cost-effective and feature-rich option.

Bluehost Offerings

Bluehost's pricing structure for their various hosting plans should now be clear to you, if not? You can contact Bluehost customer service. Yet, there’s still more good news. In addition to hosting options, Bluehost offers a wide range of other services.


It comes as no surprise that Bluehost's shared hosting is their most sought-after option. The low entry barrier to getting a shared hosting account means it's a great option for those just starting off.

Bluehost's shared hosting is superior to competitors' offerings largely because the firm provides a complimentary domain name agreement as well as a complimentary SSL certification. 

As far as I'm concerned, this is the main consideration. Yet it accomplishes its stated goal, which is to provide server space for your website among others like it.

When you first launch the webpage, shared hosting could be the most cost-effective choice, but, as your company expands, you may not wish to continue using this hosting and will want to switch to a more dedicated solution instead.

For this reason, there are two types of server hosting, dedicated and VPS. Hosting your site on a dedicated server is the most stable alternative while hosting it on a virtual private server provides you more control, power, and flexibility.

Online Stores

Once you've decided on WordPress and you have chosen your e-commerce platform as WooCommerce, all that may be left to do is choose a store hosting plan (either Standard or Premium) and launch your online store.

If you'd want your business to accept a wide variety of payment types, have access to useful stats, and be able to back up its data regularly, but don't want to spend more than $15.95 per month, consider using the Standard plan.

It's possible that running your business requires more than just a website where you advertise your merchandise. If you wish to collect payments for memberships or schedule appointments and conduct online bookings, the Premium tier is a very dependable e-commerce alternative.

If you're looking for a comprehensive online shop, you've come to the right spot. You would rather pay a little more and have all the advanced features, rather than have only one advanced feature because you’re working on a tight budget.



Live WordPress Support

Bluehost's Blue Sky service provides clients with individualized instruction and recommendations for setting up, administering, and maintaining any WordPress-based website. The public has access to Blue Sky.

WordPress Live Help is available for a low monthly fee of $29. Access to SEO tools, assistance with mobile optimization, and content optimization, in addition to on-demand ticket assistance and backup assistance, may increase the monthly cost to as much as $149.

Professional Marketing Services

In addition to hosting websites, Bluehost also offers a service that may be useful to your company in the areas of graphic design and advertising. It will free you up to focus on growing your company's revenue. Feel free to use the comprehensive Bluehost customer service, and inquire more about this service.

Bluehost's four flagship offerings in this space are as follows:

  • Using SEO services will enhance your website and assist you in narrowing in on the target keywords
  • Services centered on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, including support with PPC campaigns and advice for drawing in more clicks and customers
  • Assistance with website migration, including pre-and post-transfer consultations in person
  • Assist with any and all aspects of website upkeep, including marketing, design, and content creation

Unfortunately, Bluehost's website does not provide pricing information for these offerings. You should get in contact with the Bluehost customer service to talk about pricing and service plans.

WordPress Hosting With Website Builder

Websites should not have any more strange visual design. A recent survey found that almost 94% of people who visit poorly designed websites quickly depart. The Bluehost Web Developer is a state-of-the-art visual editor that uses a drag-and-drop interface. Web page construction is now more simple and quicker.

Besides this, what other choices do you have? At first, you'll need to either choose a premium or free premium theme that meets your needs. Then you'd have to modify it to work with your plans. If you’re not an experienced user of WordPress, the end consequence of adopting any of these themes could be that your website seems to be quite similar to other websites that use the same theme.

The new builder lets you construct mobile-friendly designs and layouts with ease. People without prior experience may need to utilize Bluehost customer service for assistance.

Refund Policy

You may cancel any Bluehost plan within the first 30 days and receive your money back. In the first month of your membership, if you decide to cancel your subscription, you will get a full refund of any money paid.

After the above-mentioned date, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund for the unused portion of your hosting package. The cost of the domain name is nonrefundable. Because I have never attempted to request a return from the organization, I can't comment on how simple the process is.



Bluehost Customer Service

On occasion, each one of us is going to be in need of assistance. It’s of the highest significance that one selects a web hosting business that’s able to provide you with assistance and the popular Bluehost customer service anytime you may want it.

As part of its large knowledge base, Bluehost customer service provides its clients with a variety of resources, including articles, detailed instructions, and video tutorials. Those who are just getting started will benefit greatly from it, and with a little bit of searching, they should be able to solve the majority of the most prevalent issues.

Yet, there are situations in which you might require to contact a particular individual in order to get more technical assistance. The bluehost customer service department is accessible around the clock, every single day of the week.

You have the option of talking to a professional member of the Bluehost customer service by a phone call or live chat. When you need immediate assistance from trained specialists in technical assistance, and you know that they’re just one click away, having this service is the finest thing you can have.

Help is not accessible via a ticket-based system, which is one of the things that are missing. Bluehost has recently made the decision to do away with its Bluehost customer service system which is based on tickets in order to place more of an emphasis on providing more customized support via live chat assistance and phone-based support.

But, there’s a potential that some clients might prefer the ticket-based Bluehost customer service system, which is a wonderful choice in the event that you’re unable to resolve your issue within a single session of a phone call or live chat.



Conclusion: Is Bluehost the Right Choice for You?

Regardless of whether you've taken the time to read this Bluehost review or not, you may be wondering whether Bluehost is the firm that should host your website. Several websites consistently place Bluehost at the top of their lists for best web hosting companies. 

They provide a broad variety of hosting packages, each of which includes a plethora of helpful features that simplify the process of constructing a website and the Bluehost customer service is there for you 24/7 if you get stuck.

Bluehost customer service is knowledgeable, experienced, and accessible at all hours of the day and night and is included in each and every Bluehost hosting package. Most significantly, they provide reasonably priced points of launching that may be adapted to work with any financial plan.

If you’re just getting started, your best bet is to go with Bluehost and choose one of their shared hosting packages. You can't go wrong with that. Not only is it light on your pocket, but it also comes with everything that you need to complete the task at hand. You may easily adjust the size of your hosting plan to correspond with the growth of your website.

Bluehost Hosting Review – FAQs

Here, we've attempted to cover all the bases in our Bluehost review of the organization's hosting services. Feel free to utilize their Bluehost customer service, in case you still want some aspects clarified. You may also peruse some of the most frequently asked questions we get below, along with our responses about Bluehost.

Is It Possible to Make an Online Store With Bluehost and WooCommerce?

To answer your question, yes. To host your WooCommerce website, Bluehost is a great option. All the essentials for launching an online business are included in their basic package. The Bluehost customer service is also available to guide you.

However keep in mind that when your company begins to attract a larger consumer base, adjustments will be necessary. Our expectation is that by the time that time comes, you will be generating enough money to afford the upgrade.

Would You Tell Someone Starting to Use Bluehost?

Yes. If you’re just getting started with WordPress, Bluehost is your best bet for a simple and reliable host. By registering for this service, WordPress will be automatically installed. They also provide you with a user-friendly dashboard to personally manage your own hosting account.

Articles, detailed guides, and video tutorials are all readily available to assist you. Live chat and a phone connection to their helpful staff are also available around the clock on the Bluehost customer service.



Can Bluehost Handle a Lot of People Visiting at Once?

Is Bluehost good at handling heavy online traffic? All in all, their shared hosting services are great for startups and smaller enterprises. Earlier in this Bluehost review, we found that their hosting provider's package was able to withstand the equivalent of one hundred virtual users simultaneously accessing the website without seeing any slowdown in performance throughout our load test.

In this way, you'll be ready for any traffic surge, predicted or not. Yet, there are still many unused server resources. Your hosting plan may need to be upgraded if you anticipate a significant increase in site traffic. If you choose to upgrade, contact the Bluehost customer service for guidance.

Why Should You Use Bluehost to Host Your WordPress Site?

If you're looking for a reliable web host, go no further than Bluehost, which is recommended by WordPress and is one of the largest in the world. They've been involved with the WordPress organization for some time now, and as such, they've accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

Websites built on WordPress benefit greatly from its platform since it was designed to unleash WordPress' full potential. You may be certain that your website is in capable hands since they employ WordPress engineers.

Is a Credit Card Needed to Register With Bluehost?

Bluehost is delighted to accept payments made through credit card, but you have the option, during the checkout process, to display other payment alternatives and pay using PayPal rather than a credit card if that’s your preferred method of payment. Remember that Bluehost customer service will be there for you in case you meet challenges when making your payment.

Is Bluehost a Better Choice for Hosting Than GoDaddy?

Due to the superior Bluehost customer service, we would rather have our clients utilize them than GoDaddy. As a new user, you'll like their My Sites dashboard's clarity and the simplicity of their getting started procedure, not to mention the lower pricing that’s ideal for startups.



How Does Bluehost Compare to Other Web Hosts, Such as SiteGround and HostGator?

While comparing Bluehost, SiteGround, and HostGator, you should be aware of their respective strengths and weaknesses. Bluehost offers the best service at the most competitive pricing.

Bluehost's affordable pricing offers more features than SiteGround. Its low starting monthly plan price is $2.75 and includes a free domain. Nevertheless, SiteGround's plans begin at a monthly rate of $4.99 and do not include any free components.

There are numerous similarities between Bluehost and HostGator when comparing their hosting services. They include CPU allotments, features, site migration tools, pricing, and more. In addition, Bluehost is more akin to shared hosting providers such as Dreamhost or Inmotion Hosting. 

We found Bluehost's WordPress website builder to provide a superior user experience compared to its rivals owing to the substantial resources the company has poured into the software.

Where Are Bluehost’s Servers Exactly?

The company Bluehost operates its very own server farm in the state of Utah, which is located in the U.S. Its primary data center is located in a large structure that spans a total area of 5,000 square feet and is home to the facility.

Which Bluehost Plan Do You Think I Should Buy?

If you're just getting started with your blog, website, or online business, we suggest their basic plan. That will do for a starter site, plus you always have the option to expand later if you need to.




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