Free Psychic Reading Online Top 6 Free Psychics Websites for Accurate Readings

1:14 PM, Sep 30, 2022
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If you are looking to find solace from the troubles of your life, free psychic readings online can provide an excellent solution.

The online mystic world is full of thousands of online psychic reading websites and apps that claim to give answers to all the burning questions of life. Do not be fooled by the outlook of these websites, as all that glitters is not gold. There are too many fake and scam psychic reading online websites that may seem real and authentic to you, but they are not.

To save you the trouble of dealing with these fraudulent, we have lined up authentic reviews of some of the best psychic reading online platforms of 2022 that are definitely worthy of your time and money. You can sign up on any of these websites and enjoy their services at affordable rates. New psychic reading online members also get to enjoy free psychic reading trials—gear up for a comprehensive guide on the six best psychic readings online platforms out there.

Psychic readings online are not just ideal for people going through a rough patch in life, but they are also effective for those who want to do better in life. Psychics online provide insightful readings and predictions about the future. This information is highly valuable when it comes to dealing with the challenges of the present and how you can make things better to ensure a healthier and happier future. From career to love to personal to spirituality, mystic services touch upon all different aspects of life to help you gain better control of things.

Let’s have a quick overview of the top six free psychic reading online platforms. Here is what each of these sites is popular for

Best Free Psychic Reading Sites in 2022

1. Psychic Source - Number One Platform for Love Life Readings

2. Kasamba - Perfect for Free Career Readings & Financial Insights

3. MysticSense - Ideal for Psychic Medium Reading Enthusiasts

4. Keen Psychics - Top-rated Psychics Site for Spiritual Enlightenment

5. Ask Now - Reliable Tarot Card Readings and Other Mystic Services

6. Purple Garden - Offers Truthful Psychic Predictions for All

To help you decide on a reliable psychics platform, this section of our guide offers detailed reviews of the leading psychic online websites. Read each of these carefully before making the final call. Good luck!

1 Psychic Source - Best Free Psychic Reading for Love Seekers!

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Some people are lucky in love. They meet their soulmate and live happily ever after. At the same time, there are some less fortunate ones for whom getting their love life on track may seem impossible. It’s one thing finding a person you love and another making that relationship work. This is the reason why there are so many divorces happening each year; it is not because people don't love each another anymore. It is because making a relationship work is difficult. While some people prefer relationship counseling for when things go south, there are many who come to love psychic readers for authentic advice and future predictions. This is precisely what millions of Psychic Source customers will tell you. The platform has been providing free psychic love reading online to its users for more than two decades now.

Here are a few real-life scenarios that the gifted psychics from Psychic Source can provide help with. You can also ask your psychic reader similar questions to make the most of your first free psychic love reading.

  • I think my girlfriend is cheating on me but I know I don’t have the strength to confront her. What should I do?
  • My husband has started getting abusive with me. We had a perfect marriage for six years, but I could not deal with his changed behavior. What does the future hold for us?
  • I am in love with my best friend but he does not feel the same way. Should I wait for him or end the friendship?
  • I have a hard time talking to girls and have never been in a relationship. Is something wrong with me?
  • My partner cheated on me with my sister, and ever since, I cannot trust people anymore. Will I ever be in love again, and when?

If you are sailing in the same boat as the examples shared above or going through something even worse, a psychic reading online session from Psychic Source will undoubtedly help you. The platform also takes pride in its strictly-vetted portfolio of gifted and experienced advisors who offer customized readings on various areas of expertise. The website has the option of live psychic readings, phone psychic readings, chat psychics, and video conference readings. You can pick any option that suits you. Moreover, if you wish to maintain an anonymous profile, this feature is also available on Psychic Source.

Psychic Source – For Authentic Love Readings  ⭐

You can connect with trusted psychic advisors on Psychic Source and get readings to help get your love life on the right track. So many people rely on free psychic love reading online from this platform to make important life decisions.

When it comes to free psychic love reading, Psychic Source has some attractive and exclusive offers for new customers. If you have just joined the platform and are excited to start your first psychic online reading session, you can get a Free 3-min trial on the session. In addition, the platform also brings cheap psychic reading offers, including sessions starting from $1 per minute.

A customer shares, “Finding love on this planet is not so easy but with Psychic Source, finding the perfect love psychic reader online has been such a relief. I have been using this platform for more than seven years now and there has not been a single moment of disappointment for me. The trusted psychic readings from this platform have helped me throughout all these years, especially in my dating life. Now, I am happily married with a kid and I still rely on my psychic advisors for valuable insights on my love life and its future. Once you get used to of their reliable readings, there is no going back.”

⭐⇒ Revive Your Love Life with Psychic Source Readings  ⭐

2 Kasamba - Best Free Psychic Reading for Money & Career!

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When the topic is about finding the best free psychic reading online platform for new users, Kasamba is the ultimate choice. This website has managed to entertain a pool of more than 3 million happy users from different corners of the world seeking mystic services.

If you do a quick internet search, you will discover that Kasamba offers a wide range of clairvoyant services. The platform is known for its world-class love psychic readings, tarot readings, fortune telling, etc. There is one more area that Kasamba excels in, and that is career forecasts and financial readings.

If there is one thing that everyone wants in life it is financial stability. With inflation at its peak and the pandemic changing the working dynamics of the entire world, attaining financial stability has become more challenging than ever before. There is a massive percentage of people who discovered the art of managing their finances better through expert readings and guidance from online psychics. And you are bound to find them on Kasamba.

⭐⇒ Enjoy Psychic Reading for Free at Kasamba

Here is an authentic review from one of Kasamba's users, who used the platform for regular psychic predictions on money matters. “Hello. My name is Dorothy Perkins, and I am a single mom of two beautiful and mischievous girls. My partner left me four years ago after being kicked out of rehab once again, and I was forced to raise my daughters on my own. Life hasn't been easy for us, especially when it comes to making ends meet. However, God showed mercy to us and helped me discover financial readings from Kasamba. I was about to switch to a new job when I had my first session, and my decision was greatly influenced by my psychic reader's advice. It's been two years now, and I still rely on the career forecasts from Kasamba to guide me the way. There are so many critical decisions that I’ve been able to make based on the readings and accurate psychic predictions. My journey with this psychics portal has been a smooth one. In fact, I’ve already convinced at least four of my friends to sign up at Kasamba and experience talking to real psychics. 100/10 from my side.”

Besides being the one-stop solution for insightful psychic readings, Kasamba is also famous for being available on the web and mobile. For those who like to operate the world from the palm of their hands, installing the Kasamba app is the ideal choice. Luckily, it is available on both Android and iOS. You can easily talk to chat psychics and phone psychics anytime, based on your convenience. If you search for user reviews online, you will discover that the career psychics at Kasamba are also popular for their friendliness and courteous behavior. This is an ideal situation for new psychics users as it makes them feel at ease and makes it less complicated for them to open up to the reader.

Lastly, we must raise a toast to Kasamba for giving access to their skilled psychic readers for free. Yes, we are talking about their enticing sign-up offers that include discounted rates and the best free psychic reading online minutes. Starting from a 3-min free trial on the first session to another special discount of up to 70% off on the readings, Kasamba makes affordable psychic readings accessible for everyone. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to connect with powerful psychics. Kasamba makes it happen with just a few clicks.

⭐⇒ Join Kasamba For Real Career Psychics

3 MysticSense - Best Free Psychic Reading for Real Mediumship

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As the name suggests, MysticSense provides a variety of mystic services to its users. The platform has been operating for several years and has earned a reputation in the market, especially for psychic medium readings.

Mediumship is a special type of mystic service where you can connect with people in the spirit world. This is perfect for people who have a hard time coping with the loss of a dear one. MysticSense provides authentic medium readings that help people deal with the pain of losing their close friends or family members.

Let's read customer feedback on MysticSense and their psychic medium services, “Hello. My name is Gabrielle, and I'm a 34-year-old liberal arts professor. Two years ago, I lost my husband to Covid, and my life has not been the same ever since then. The first four months after my husband's demise were spent in extreme depression, and I just could not accept the fact that he was not there with me anymore. We had been together for 15 years, and my life was completely shattered when he bid farewell from the world. One night while I was reading our old chats on Instagram, I saw the ad for MysticSense. I remember talking about it once and a little voice in my heart told me to instantly become a member to try out the mediumship services. It was an excellent decision. The platform does justice to each and every online psychic reading session. After just the first few months with MysticSense, I was finally at peace. If, like me, you are also unable to bear the pain of being departed from the love of your life, try the mediumship readings at Mystic for a surreal experience. Best of luck.”

There is another catch for MysticSense users. If you are new to the website, there is a free psychic reading trial waiting for you. Gain access to your 5-min free trial by simply registering on the MysticSense website. You can also enjoy other exclusive cheap reading offers and special features on the platform.

⭐⇒ Talk to Gifted Medium Readers at MysticSense  ⭐

It’s a website that consists of multiple reading advisors that will aid you in finding your journey to leading a successful life. You will find their psychics to be available to work with you throughout the day, and their only goal is to give you the guidance you require through their online psychic readings, and also with the help of their gifted abilities. If you’re ever short of time and cannot arrange a traditional psychic meeting, then you can arrange one online on MysticSense.

One of the best parts is that they will help you get rid of any chances of getting scammed. If a psychic is cheaper than usual, or if they are free of cost, chances are that it is probably a scam. They'll encourage you to go through reviews left by previous customers and try to get in touch with multiple psychics, as well as do your research on the website you're on. They are well aware that a psychic reading website must only have psychics of the highest standard. Whenever you feel that something's off, you should always stick to and listen to your gut feeling, and you should ensure that you only opt for the psychic and the website that you feel actually wants to help you and give you the guidance you want to gain.

On MysticSense, you also have the option of checking your horoscope, which changes on a day-to-day basis. You can even scroll through their website to find articles and other pieces of media which uncover many topics ranging from astrology, spirituality, psychology, or career choices. They even have a few entertaining ones, such as "how do I deal with a mama's boy." On the other hand, some of the articles you'll come across are of a much deeper level, perhaps like understanding the importance of water from a spiritual point of view. Irrespective of what you are searching for, you will surely find it on their website and their articles.

⭐⇒ Click Here to Enjoy Trusted Psychics at MysticSense

4 Keen Psychics - Best Free Psychic Reading for Spiritual Lovers!

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People come to top-rated psychics online for various reasons. Some come seeking clarity in life, and some want to change their love life or career, while some are simply seeking spiritual guidance. For the last bunch of people, a platform like Keen is the ultimate game-changer. From reliable psychics predictions to spiritual affirmation, Keen has made its mark in the online mystic world.

On this website, thousands of users from around the world have been getting reliable readings for multiple years. Spiritual predictions are one of their specialties, and you can read thousands of customer reviews vouching for their certified psychic readers in this particular field.

Here is one from Joseph Spencer, a Keen user who has been using the platform for spiritual readings. “When it comes to spiritual readings, Keen has raised the bar too high. I have tried my luck at multiple other reputable psychics platforms, after finally resorting to Keen as their services have been top-notched. Whether it is about free love free psychic love reading, astrology readings, or spiritual readings, Keen has a portfolio of the most experienced psychics who provide reliable psychic readings at affordable rates. They also have other special features like multilingual psychic readers and a mobile app that makes it convenient for all sorts of users.”

⭐⇒ Become a Keen User for Reliable Spiritual Predictions

Getting started on Keen is fairly simple. Once you have chosen a specific psychic advisor and confirmed your appointment, all you have to do is wait for that time to arrive. Once your appointment is due, you are to go to the website along with your user credentials (which will be sent to you via email as soon as you’ve booked the appointment). After logging in successfully, tap on "start session," which you can find right next to the name of the psychic that you chose, and then you will have to write your credentials.

This website has two services to provide, the first of which is a live session with a psychic using either text or email and audio phone calls. You have the option of choosing anyone from the 2000 available psychics who speak multiple languages, such as French, English, Spanish, etc.

Apart from this, you also have the option of going through the reviews that previous users of Keen have written in order to find out which psychic would be the best suited for you. Keen also has a mobile platform that you can use on either your smartphone or even a tablet. This will allow you to use Keen whether you’re at home or even at work.

Another benefit is that it has an exclusive offer section, in which you’ll get coupons or a discount for specific psychic services. If you are unsure of who to contact or how much you should pay, this feature will surely come in handy, just to give you an idea as to what you should keep in mind before starting.

If you are looking for Cheap Psychic Readings for New Customers, look no further than Keen Psychics. Their introductory offers are some of the bests in the industry. You can enjoy talking to authentic readers at Keen by just signing up on the website and paying $1.99 for the first 10 minutes. This incredible offer opens up a gateway of opportunities for first-time psychic readings online customers who cannot otherwise afford to talk to trusted psychic readers.

⇒ Enjoy Cheap Psychic Reading Offers at Keen

5 AskNow - Best Free Psychic Reading for Tarot Card Fans!

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There are various branches of psychic readings online. Tarot card readings are one of them. If you are new to AskNow, you can enjoy top-notch tarot services and use the insights to help you in every aspect of life. In everyone's life, there comes the point where they feel like life has no purpose anymore. It becomes monotonous and boring, and you cannot figure out how to add excitement to it. That's where a tarot card reader from AskNow comes in to help you sail through the rough tides of your life.

Getting your first tarot card reading from AskNow may seem like a scary idea, especially if you are new to the mystic world, but once you attend your first psychic reading, you will automatically feel comfortable with the idea. AskNow has a reputation for hosting a range of psychic reading and tarot card experts who are not just experienced but extremely friendly and professional. This is a plus point for new users as a friendly reader can help them open up more easily and share their concerns and queries in detail. The more open and transparent you are with your tarot card reader, the better it is.

In addition, first-time AskNow users can also take advantage of the sign-up offers and enjoy free psychic reading online at their fingertips. If you want to get a taste of how top-rated psychics are, make a new account on AskNow and avail the offer. You can get a 5-min Free trial on your first session. There's more. You can also enjoy budget-friendly psychic reading offers to start from a $1 per minute rate on AskNow.

⭐⇒ Enjoy Real Tarot Readings at AskNow  ⭐

This is a review shared by Amanda Serbie, who has been using AskNow for more than five years now. "Hey, Amanda, here again. This is probably my 100th review on AskNow, but I think this platform deserves more than that. If there was a most loyal fan award on the website, I might get one as I’ve explored each and every corner of this website by now after spending so many years on it. Tarot card readings remain my favorite of them all and I still see tarot readings from this platform at least twice a month. Astrology, numerology, and past life readings are also quite impressive. A pro tip I would like to give to all new and old users of AskNow is to make use of the search filters to find the perfect gifted reader for yourself. There are over hundreds of psychic experts on the website, and you need to make sure that you find one that you can easily open up to, especially when it comes to tarot readings. I always choose the ones with at least 4.5-star ratings, so I know that my time is not going to get wasted. AskNow is a great choice for people who are looking for a cheap psychic reading online option that is top-notch in quality and experience.

There are multiple benefits of being an AskNow user. From offering multiple modes of communication to a variety of mystic services, cheap reading offers to informative reading material, AskNow can be coined as an all-rounded mystic service provider. If you have sound interest in the field or just getting to know it, you can skim through the hundreds of blogs on the website and learn more about how the mystic world operates. You can gain a lot of valuable information and knowledge through this material.

Moreover, when it comes to payment methods, AskNow ensures that all its users are 100% satisfied. The psychic reading online website provides a safe and secure payment gateway, so you can be assured that your money is not going to go to waste or be used for any illegal purposes.

⇒ Join AskNow for Free Reliable Psychic Readings

6 Purple Garden - Best Free Psychic Reading for Honest Predictions

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Are you looking for real psychics who provide truthful psychic predictions? You have come to the right place. Purple Garden is ranked amongst the best free psychic reading online portals in 2022.

The reviews on the site speak so highly of Purple Garden that it is now everyone’s first priority while choosing a platform. Not only does their website invoke a feeling of excitement to get your readings done, but it also serves to be a luxury that you can actually afford.

The best part is, you have the option to decide whatever kind of reading you’d prefer. You will find headings at the top-most part of every page, which will allow new users to choose easily.

On the very first page of the website, you will get a quick intro as to how these readings work and also precisely why they are worthy of your time. Apart from that, it also has various remarks given from its existing clientele, who have considered Purple Garden to be worth their time and money. This existing clientele knows for a fact that Purple Garden ensures you’re getting exactly what you want, minus going through the difficulty of finding out where each and everything’s located, along with its pricing.

Overall, the interface of the website has been kept neat and subtle, and the colors that have been used keep it engaging and appealing. Besides that, it also allows you to scroll through the pages to uncover all the other options you can utilize, for instance, video chat, phone call, or even via SMS), and this proves to be extremely useful for a service of this type.

⇒ Enjoy Free Psychic Chat at Purple Garden

Purple Garden will provide you with more than five unique kinds of readings, ranging from tarot, palmistry, astrology, etc. Their website has an extensive array of readers, some of which have expertise in love, career, monetary-related topics, family problems, spirituality, and even self-development. As a member, you also have the option to get mediumship readings in case you either have lost someone you loved or someone you're close to and want to bond with.

The people that have used the site were also satisfied with just how well their readers explained things to them (like breaking down everything for them). This helps new users make a much more well-informed decision.

A Purple Garden customer spills the beans about his experience with the trusted psychics online platform. “Hey. This is Ryan Lobo from Connecticut and today I want to talk about my clairvoyant readings experience at Purple Garden. To be honest, I was not even Keen to try my luck at online psychic readings until I saw the platform and I was sold right away. I had seen and explored popular psychics platforms before but this one had something different about it. At first glance, I was highly impressed by the gifted advisors and their 4.5+ ratings. There were some clairvoyance readers coming with decades worth of experience. From free psychic love readings to oracle card readings, there was a wide range of mystic services offered on the platform. Three things that made me a loyal Purple Garden customer. First one was their powerful psychics portfolio, second was their mobile app, and last was the intuitive psychic predictions. Join the platform now and you can see for yourself why I am raving about Purple Garden.”

When it comes to finding psychic readings for free, Purple Garden is an excellent starting point. You sign up on the platform and can instantly enjoy $10 Free credit with any online purchase on the website or the app.

⇒ Join Purple Garden for Free Psychic Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

How Frequently Should I Get a Reading?

The answer to this will vary from person to person and your current situation. If you feel as if nothing big or significant has happened since the last reading that had, then perhaps you should wait to arrange a new meeting. Most of the time, individuals choose to arrange a psychic readings session if they are concerned about a specific aspect of their lives, such as work-related or maybe a relationship.

Keeping that in mind, if there is a major change happening in your life and you wish to seek guidance about whether it is in your best interests or not, then you should get in touch with your psychic more frequently.

Is Chat, Video Call, or Audio Call a Better Option?

This will depend on what you’re more comfortable with and also the kind of reading that you're hoping to get. If you like taking your time with your replies and you wish to conceal your face, then perhaps a chat-based reading would be best suited for you. However, if you like talking using verbal or visual cues like tarot cards, charts, etc., then perhaps a video or even an audio call would be a better option for you.

The available means of communication is a crucial aspect when you are choosing a website for your psychic readings, so you need to keep this in mind prior to deciding.

How Many Types of Readings Are There?

There are a wide variety of reading types, but in general, they're simplified by topic, how gifted the psychic is, and the tools they use. The topics consist of love, monetary aspects, destiny, spirituality along with many others.

A few psychic gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, energy reading, etc. Tools, on the other hand, can include crystals, psychic tarot cards, spirit guides, or even pendulums.

Initially, you might find it useful to gather information about what type of gifts or tools you are more interested in. Once you’ve done that, then you can look for a psychic that specializes in those preferences to do your reading and give you the guidance you want.

Final Verdict - Pick a Free Psychics Online Today

Even though it would be ideal if life came with a 'How-to' guide, unfortunately, that's not how it is in reality. Luckily for you, there are a wide variety of gifted psychics from around the globe that have honed their powers and can now work alongside you to give you the answers you're looking for.

That’s why you should start today and book a free psychic reading session for yourself. Good luck!


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