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4:15 PM, May 12, 2023
2:01 PM, May 19, 2023
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People tend to be inquisitive when it comes to the cost of using TruthFinder, a well-known people search engine. This system provides access to a variety of public records and other online sources, making it valuable when trying to find information about somebody. 

However, many people are unsure of the charge for this platform or if it’s worth the money. In this blog post, we will go over the pricing plans of TruthFinder and help you understand what you will pay for accessing this helpful resource. 

We will give you the details you require to make an educated decision about utilizing TruthFinder whether you’re doing a background analysis, seeking an old friend, or simply interested in the data that is obtainable on the web.



How Much Does TruthFinder Cost? — Answered

An individual can opt to pay for a TruthFinder membership on a month-to-month basis or a single lump sum. 

The cost of the basic package is usually between $4.99 and $29.73 each month, but if someone decides to pay for two months at once, they will receive a discounted rate of $23.28. This package contains most of the services rendered. If someone only needs a reverse phone lookup, they can purchase a separate plan for $4.99 each month.



TruthFinder Membership Options

TruthFinder has three different membership options with various payment structures. The one-month people search membership costs $28.05, and the two-month membership is $46.56, which is the equivalent of $23.28 per month. The reverse phone lookup plan is $4.99 a month, and the reverse email lookup plan is $29.73 a month.

It’s important to remember that the reverse phone lookup plan does not give unlimited individual reports, but the reverse email lookup plan does. 

You’re able to pay for your membership fees using your credit card or PayPal, and that no extra charges are involved. From time to time, TruthFinder offers discounts and promotions, so make sure to always check the website or subscribe to the newsletter for any current offers. 

If you’re not happy with your membership, you can cancel it at any time by getting in touch with customer service. Refunds are only available in specific circumstances, so it’s important to read the terms.

Also, Dark Web Monitoring comes with a fee of $2.99 monthly.



Comparison of the Cost and Value of Each Membership

When evaluating the pros and cons of the two different subscription options available through TruthFinder, it’s important to consider the differences between them. Here’s a breakdown of the two options:

A plan to have access to an individual's records for a period of one month:


  • Access to historical records
  • Unlimited access to archives
  • Customer support

Signing up for a service that provides two months of searches for people.

  • Cost: Every month, the cost is $23.28, which is equivalent to a one-off payment of $46.56.


  • Unrestricted public archives
  • Customer support
  • Access to historical documents

It’s clear that the two-month plan is a more cost-effective route, giving a 20% discount for signing up for two months all at once. Furthermore, the two-month membership has the same features as the one-month subscription.

The one-month membership may be more suitable if you only need TruthFinder's service momentarily. If you’re uncertain of how often you will use the service or if you just need to do a few searches, then the one-month membership may be the more budget-friendly and flexible choice.

The best option for you depends on your needs and finances. If you plan on using the TruthFinder service for a prolonged period or are likely to use it often, then the two-month membership is probably the better option.

On the other hand, if you only need the service for a brief time or are unsure of how frequently you'll use it, then the one-month membership may be the wiser decision.

Bottom Line - How Much Does Truthfinder Cost?

If you're curious about someone's past or the background of a potential employer, TruthFinder is a great way to get the answers you need. It's a website that collects personal data from public record systems, social networks, and other sources, and it can all be accessed conveniently from any computer or mobile device. 

Furthermore, all of the searches are kept anonymous and confidential, so you don't have to worry about being identified. Take advantage of TruthFinder today to discover the information you may not have been aware of.



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